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December 18, 2009

Immigration criticized by Human Rights Commission over negligence

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It’s been quite a while since I last gave a “Douche of the Week” award, but after a long drought, we have a worthy winner: the Suwon Immigration office.

They have been criticized by the National Human Rights Commission for their negligence.

[A] worker in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, applied to change his visa type in September at the immigration office in Suwon and contacted them many times to confirm the approval.

Since no information on the visa extension was available for months, the 40-year-old, identified only by “K,” visited the office in April and found out that he had already overstayed his visa by three months and his status was now illegal, making any reentry impossible as a result.

He filed a complaint with the commission, arguing the office’s delay was to blame and urged the office to return him to his previous status.

The commission found that the office decided to reject the worker’s request on Jan. 9 and sent a letter, including the result, to his previous address.

With no recipient there, the letter was returned to the office, but it did not send the letter to his new address, the commission said.

The immigration office said “There is no evidence that the foreigner actually visited the office. Also, he provided insufficient evidence for us to believe that he was actually living in the new address.”

[ snip ]

The commission called the office’s allegations “groundless,” saying, “We have a witness who can confirm his visit to the office. Also, it doesn’t make sense that the office didn’t know where he lived.”

Yes, that certainly sounds like the Immigration that we all know and “love”.

June 8, 2009

Douche of the Week’s Identity Revealed

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Thanks to the Grand Narrative and this comment, we now know the identity of the company that sued the kids of a beaten actress who committed suicide.

June 7, 2009

Douche of the Week: company who sued beaten, dead actress’ kids

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For quite a while, our inaugural Douche of the Week, Shin Hae-chul, has held onto his title against the challenges of all comers. This isn’t just because he praised the rocket launch of North Korea, a country that killed scores of South Koreans not only during the Korean War, but in terrorist attacks such as the deliberate destruction of Korean Air Flight 858 and all of the 115 people on board.
Shin has also criticized hogwons (after-school private learning academies) for putting undue stress on children, and then appeared in a hogwon chain’s commercials.
He’s also proud of spending hundreds of thousands of won on various kinds of plastic surgery, such as Botox and fat dissolution shots on his face. Says he: “[T]he only thing I believe in [is] how I look.”
I’ve read that he’s been described as “Korea’s John Lennon.” Maybe, if the real John Lennon had endorsed made-with-child-labor sneakers and had congratulated Josef Stalin on successfully developing the hydrogen bomb. According to another article, his fans call him the “Prince of Darkness.” If the music industry has a Prince of Darkness, it’s Ozzy Osbourne (though I prefer Ronnie James Dio myself). What’s Shin done to deserve that accolade? Did he help create the entire genre of heavy metal? No. Shin, you’re not Korea’s John Lennon, and you’re not Korea’s Ozzy Osbourne. The only darkness that you’re the prince of is the one between your ears. And if all you believe in is your donkey’s butt face, then you’ve got nothing to believe in.

And yet, despite his championship caliber douchiness, he has finally been dethroned. Our new Douche of the Week come to us from the Korea Herald, via Brian in Jeollanam-do, via Korea Pop Wars.
An actress, Choi Jin-shil, was hired by a company to be their model. If she damaged the company’s reputation, she was to pay them back 500 million won in damages. She was beaten by her husband, whom she later divorced. Photos of her bruised face appeared in the media. The company began trying to sue her for “embarrassing” the company, not for 500 million won, but for 3 billion. Ms. Choi later committed suicide. So what did the company do? Did they just cut their losses, the way other companies did when Magic Johnson admitted that he was HIV positive, or when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape? No. They decided to sue Ms. Choi’s children, who are still kids, necessitating the appearance of their grandmother, their legal guardian, in court. And guess what? They won.

So, Company X, you decide to sue an actress for being beaten, and for six times the amount that had been previously agreed upon. Said actress is now dead, by suicide, no less, so you decide to sue her kids, who need their grandmother to appear in court on their behalf. Yes, these callous, heartless actions are really going to enhance the reputation that you supposedly value so highly.

April 8, 2009

Singer Shin Hae-chul praises North Korea’s launch

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If I were to have a category called “Douche of the Week,” this guy might be the first candidate.

Shin congratulated the North, saying, “As a member of the same ethnic group, I congratulate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on its successful launch of a rocket (I wouldn’t call it an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)) in line with its sovereignty and appropriate international laws.” He posted the statement on his official Web site (www.shinhaechul.com) Wednesday.

“I also hope the Republic of Korea will have nuclear and long distance missiles, as nuclear weapons are the most effective and only way to resist foreign powers,” he added.


What an idiot. Nuclear arms on the Korean peninsula might jolt Japan out of its over-60-year-old pacifist slumber. Japan has the best technology in the world, and could have nuclear missiles tomorrow if it wanted. It doesn’t because it feels safe.

I bet this guy is one of the 57% who don’t know when the Korean War broke out as well as one of the 51% who don’t know who started it. Like these students, he probably would have failed a test of his country’s own history. For example, does he know how many Korean soldiers and civilians were killed during the Korean War? The answer, which he surely doesn’t know (nor care about) is approximately 273,000 and two million, respectively. Being “of the same ethnic group” didn’t stop the North Koreans from killing scores of South Koreans with bombs, bullets, and bayonets.


I’ve decided to go ahead and make this ignoramus my inaugural Douche of the Week. Shin Hae-chul, do all of us a favor and go and live in North Korea, you washed-up old has-been/never-was. I’m sure that Kim Jong-il would love to have you, you ricetard.

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