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February 18, 2013

How To Waste Talent

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You may not have heard of a young woman named Kim Sori. She’s a K-pop singer who debuted four years ago and is still looking to break through. She has some talent.

Granted, editing was used to make her look better than she really is. Seoul Beats expressed it well:

[M]ost of her audience base is only familiar with breakdancing on a superficial level and can be easily impressed with this. What I see, however, is selective camera shots of weak to nonexistant toprock and footwork, as well as heavy reliance on the same flips and freezes over and over again. And what was up with that kicking? She’s supposed to be breakdancing, not doing capoeira!

Still, she can actually dance, as opposed to just bumping-and-grinding. Yet this is how she’s being promoted.

And yes, you saw that at 0:08.

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