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July 23, 2009

(Updated) Calling Dick Tracy. Calling Dick Tracy. Your watch phone is now half-price

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Both Samsung and LG are planning to start selling watch phones later this summer in Europe. American releases may follow. Samsung’s phone is about half the price of LG’s, but lacks some features, such as video calling.
These phones have not been scheduled to be released in Korea as of this time, which is yet more evidence that the multinational conglomerates such as Samsung screw over the consumers in their home country.


Somebody at the Korea Times is channeling me:

Closed Mobile Market Frustrates Consumers

South Korea is allegedly the mobile-phone capital of the world and local telecommunications companies claim credit as its main architects. Consumers, on the other hand, grumble about being locked in a high-tech hermit kingdom.

In the age of “app stores,” mobile e-mails and “tweets,” Korean wireless users are still basically stuck in a phase of text-messaging despite owning among the most expensive pieces of hardware on the planet.

[ snip ]

No, you can’t access the Internet from your phone without going through our excuse for a mobile Web portal. And remember, an hour of online news reading will cost you roughly the price of a pair of tennis shoes.

By the way, we just scrapped the Wi-Fi functions on your new 800,000 won (about $630) Samsung smartphone because free Internet can’t be that good, can it? And no, we don’t intend to make it easier for you to use that shiny handset sold by our rival carrier, although technically, it would only require the switching of universal subscriber identity module (USIM) cards.

“Korea is often mentioned as an IT powerhouse, but those who know better, like early adaptors or power users, would say that the country represents nothing but one of the most closed mobile markets in the world,” said Jang Jeong-woo, the creator of the popular tech blog, IT Gadget Impression (www.alonecrow.com).

. . .

July 3, 2009

Korean has the worst access to smart phones, but you can watch TV

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Resentment is growing over the fact that smart phones enter the Korean market after long delays or, sometimes, not at all. It isn’t just foreign brands like Blackberry, but also domestic ones like Samsung.
On the other hand, about half of all Koreans watch mobile TV.
Korean mobile phones: First in entertainment; last in communication and information.

July 2, 2009

(Updated) Will the Wonder Girls be the Franz Ferdinand of Twitter War One?

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Korean singing group the Wonder Girls are one of the opening acts for the popular pop-rock group the Jonas Brothers on their current tour. A commenter at Pop Seoul said that some Jonas Brothers fans had posted negative comments about the Wonder Girls on Twitter. More importantly, I read from another commenter that when Wonder Girls fans saw this, they retaliated with cyber-harassment.
I decided to research this out via Twitter’s search engine.
Ohhh, my aching head. I feel like chunks of my brain have rotted away. Twitter is mental diarrhea transmitted to a screen. Attention Deficit Disorder + Narcissism = Twitter. So I only found a couple of examples. I hope you appreciate it, because it came at the cost of countless brain cells.

these wonder girls are weird…

@hannahhylen NO KIDDING! the girls behind me just laughed.

yeah, don’t like the wonder girls. they look like sluts.

wow get offended because I said I think the wonder girls look like sluts. I didn’t say they are.

okay to these people. you don’t know ME so stop calling me a slut. their dresses are short. but I guess I can’t talk because my shorts are 2

just get over it. sorry I offended your favorite girl group.

@jlovek oh I am. I like their music. their dresses were REALLY short. I’m not saying they are sluts because I don’t know them. that’s just –
-the impression I got. people went crazy and they don’t even know me.

@sunmikiwangjang I don’t dobut that they are nice. the seem really nice. I was just stating my opinion.

just let me have my opinion. kthanks. people keep screaming for the stupid screen.

so I met wonder girls. sorry if I offended anyone earlier. they really are sweet girls.

@victoriaOK it was so ridiculious I’m like stating my opinion and I get bitched at!

@alexza_18 I hate that I couldn’t just have my opinion. that’s just what I saw. thanks though

That’s the wheat (believe it or not). You can trawl through the chaff if you’d like.

Here’s more.

@minablas don’t be rude.. it seems like ur not giving wonder girls a chance. they’re really talented! they can sing & DANCE! πŸ˜€

@Tommy_Jono_K please stop attacking other fans. be respectful.even though people r being rude to wonder girls,
WG wouldnt want fans to be rude back.

@mofutofu yeahhh i am πŸ™‚ yeah some wg fans were being really rude. so i wanted to show people that wonderfuls are NICE!

@zaharozoe why do u hate them so much 😦 ?

@woahxcorri give wonder girls a chance. u might like them. some people changed their mind after seeing them perform. plus they r super nice!

@Farrahri im sorry your being attacked. we just love wonder girls. some fans go crazy but i hope your not offended.. just dont be mean! πŸ™‚

(the chaff)


Here is a video from Comedy Central which helps illustrate why I don’t like Twitter:

“Sure, you didn’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but I don’t see how “Delicioushair” could get this wrong.

(Hat Tip to ROK Drop)

June 30, 2009

Guess who sponsored the Canadian texting championships?

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Toronto’s 16-year-old Kathy Spence won the Canadian texting championship and took the prize of $25,000 Canadian. Guess who the sponsor was?

a. LG Electronics
b. Motorola
c. Nokia
d. Samsung
e. Sony Ericsson

Answer is, like, here, dude.

May 31, 2009

Even the Japanese love the tweeting Kim Yu-na, Mao Asada becomes second woman to score over 200 points

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In a poll of Japan’s favorite sports stars, Kim Yu-na made the tenth spot, the highest-ranking non-Japanese on the list. Kim’s archrival, Mao Asada, came in second.

Kim has become Korea’s most famous user of Twitter, an instant messaging service that allows one to send and receive text messages via both cell-phones and computers.

Personally, I don’t see the use of Twitter, and I’m someone who loves blogging and discussion boards. Anything worthy of being said requires at least a paragraph. In my view, Twitter’s popularity can be accounted for by widespread attention deficit disorder and il-o-literacy (lol + illiteracy). By “il-o-literacy,” I mean the condition of knowing one’s way around computer, but being functionally illiterate. I mean, is it really so hard to write “That’s hilarious!” or “Ha, ha!” that we had to replace it with “lol” (hence, “il-o-literacy”). And how often do people actually laugh out loud? Not that often. “Lol” has become an insipid cliche. If you ever want to see examples of il-o-literacy, just to go daveseslcafe and cringe at the spelling and grammar of so-called “English teachers.”

Returning to the topic of Mao Asada, she became the second woman to score over 200 points in competition. Moreover, it seems that the scoring system has been slightly revised, and in a way that could be advantageous to Mao and disadvantageous to Kim.

March 22, 2009

Be careful of new computer virus

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Make sure that your anti-virus software and patches are up-to-date. From the Korea Times:

New Password-Manipulating Virus Spreading

A new computer virus that attacks the computer password, manipulates and eventually blocks the user to log in to the computer is spreading, Yonhap reported Saturday.

The virus, an advanced form of “Win32.HLLW.Shadow.based” that showed up last month, locks up the computer, resulting in log in error. It also paralyzes the network by overloading the traffic on the 445 port.

A free vaccine is available on the Web site of the anti-virus company, New Technology Wave (www.viruschaser.com).

The vaccine provider also advises computer users to regularly change their computer passwords and update Windows security patches. Once infected, the virus detours the radar of the previously installed vaccine program on the computer and makes it undeletable, the company said.

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