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June 11, 2009

In which parallel universe is the Hankyoreh reporting from?

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As in many other countries, some newspapers in Korea are lean towards the political left, and others, to the right. South Korea’s left wing is known for, among other things, being sympathetic to North Korea. The Hankyoreh, a South Korean newspaper, is sometimes astounding in the creativity it displays in weaving excuses for the North’s behavior. When a South Korean tourist was murdered on North Korea’s Mount Geumgang, it was almost an entire day before it put the news on its web-site.
As you are probably already aware, two American journalists were sentenced by North Korea to twelve years in prison. While many other Korean newspapers reported the news online almost as soon as it broke, the Hankyoreh took its sweet time, taking at least half-a-day to post the news. And when they finally did, it was with this headline: “N. Korea’s sentencing of two U.S. journalists may signal the possibility of talks.” The Hankyoreh has really outdone itself with the apologetic gymnastics they’ve displayed here. What’s next?
Yodok Prison offers families the chance to be together”?
“Widespread famines mean that next year’s crops will probably be better”?
“Mass starvation helps solve the problem of overpopulation”?

June 8, 2009

Hwang Woo-suk given award, but couldn’t receive it because he was in court

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You can’t make this stuff up. Despite being disgraced for two fraudulent studies, Hwang Woo-suk was given an award. Even the Korea Times had to admit that this was an embarrassment that made zero sense.

Disgraced gene scientist Hwang Woo-suk has been a pariah in the science world since his landmark studies on cloned human stem cells were exposed as fraudulent.

So it’s hard to say what the organizers of the Jang Young Shil Award of Science, Technology and Culture were thinking when they decided that Hwang was the most deserving candidate for this year’s plaque.

But wait, it get even better. Hwang couldn’t pick up the award because he was due in court, to face charges of embezzling government money intended for research and for violating Korea’s bioethics law.

You just can’t make up things like this and this.

May 17, 2009

Unfortunately, I was right about the intern teachers

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Korea Beat has an update on something I posted about before, and unfortunately, I was right about two things.

1. The teachers groped the students’ buttocks, and not their hips, as the Korea Times had mistranslated.

2. The teachers who committed this sexual harassment are going to get a light slap on the wrist.

The high school has said that though the teachers will continue in their positions, their wrongful actions make punishment unavoidable. The case came to light on the 27th of last month, but eventually a punishment committee will be convened and the case dealt with, the school said.

In other countries, these so-called “teachers” would be fired, lose their teaching licenses, be permanently blacklisted from teaching, and possibly face jail time.

May 7, 2009

Professor totally discredits himself

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In an interview with the Korea Herald, a professor totally discredits himself.

According to a new book, Korea’s national brand is in dire need of a boost.

Yes, let’s not have some of the highest suicide and traffic fatality rates in the world, or a recession, distract us from what should be the nation’s focus: nation branding!

Professor Keith Dinnie of the Japan campus at Temple University recently gave a seminar at Yonsei University in Seoul to promote the Korean translation of his book “Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice (2008).”

First Simon Anholt, now this guy. These nation-branding salesmen keep trying to (and succeeding in) selling their snake oil to Korea.

Dinnie believes the lack of interest in nation branding by the preceding administrations were the key cause of Korea’s dismal visibility on the global stage.

The previous presidents neglected nation branding! Oh no! What an unforgivable mistake! Future generations will curse their name!

Thanks to the current Lee Myung-bak government’s proactive role in nation branding, he feels Korea will become more internationally recognized.

“The current administration’s efforts to boost Korea’s brand is positive. It’s great that the president is taking a personal interest in nation branding,” he said.

Translation: More money for me and the other snake oil salesmen.

And here’s where he gives himself the coup de grace in the foot.

“I think the slogans ‘Dynamic Korea’ and ‘Sparkling Korea’ have been quite effective.

That’s it. You have zero credibility.

Korea University president says really dumb things about Kim Yu-na

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Lee Ki-su, the president of Korea University, has made some really dumb statements about Kim Yu-na, the current world champion of ladies’ figure skating. In case you don’t know, Korea University is Korea’s third most prestigious university, after Seoul National and Yonsei.

“We can say KU delivered Kim,” Lee told a forum at a meeting arranged by Kwanhun Club, a senior journalists’ group in Seoul.”

“Delivered” Kim? She’s a package?

“You can tell Kim made totally different performances from the ones she performed during her high school era.”

Which could be attributed to the fact that she matured and trained hard (overseas, by the way).

“It is a result of the injection of the KU spirit into her. I called and told her a leader in the 21st century should retain an ethnic, pioneering spirit and a conviction for victory.”

What is this even supposed to mean? He injected something into her? That sounds dirty.

And in any case, Kim may end up attending the University of Toronto.

April 24, 2009

Drunk Executives Sexually Harass 19-Year-Old College Student

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Executives of a conglomerate and a securities company have been booked for sexually harassing a 19-year-old woman while under the influence of alcohol.

Police said Friday that a president of a conglomerate, identified as a 46-year-old man named Park, and a vice head of a foreign securities firm, who is aged 39, looked under the skirt of the college student on a Seoul street at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The latter has been accused of taking a photo of her underwear with his cell phone.

As one of the girl’s male friends protested, they scuffled and attacked another man who tried to stop the fight.

[ snip ]

“They denied the accusations [of sexual harassment, photo-taking, and violence], but we concluded that they harassed the girl sexually on the basis of testimony and circumstantial evidence,” a Namdaemun police officer said.


Wow. A 46-year-old tries to look at, and photograph, a 19-year-old’s panties, and then gets into a fight with her friend, who is trying to protect her from this dirty old pervert. You’re never too old to act like a spoiled prepubescent.

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