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January 17, 2010

Kang Ki-kap “not guilty” and Grand National Party is not happy

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You might recall that five lawmakers were indicted for misconduct at the National Assembly during a brawl there (one of many, actually).

The court has reached its decision.

Rep. Moon Hak-jin of the Democratic Party and DLP Rep. Lee Jung-hee were slapped with fines – 2 million won ($1,779) and 500,000 won, respectively – after being indicted last year for damaging public property.

Moon broke the door of the Assembly’s trade committee chamber with a sledgehammer to block GNP lawmakers from introducing a motion to ratify the free trade accord with the United States in December 2008. Lee broke nameplates of the GNP lawmakers at the committee chamber on the same day.

However, Kang Ki-kap (Triple K, the King of Hardcore) was acquitted, and the ruling Grand National Party is not happy with this.

Kang burst into the office of Park Kye-dong, the National Assembly’s secretary general, and stormed through the office, flipping tables and chairs. Kang also tried to enter the office of Speaker Kim Hyung-o.

Here are pictures of the peace-loving Kang performing the actions described above.

So why did the judge excuse them?

The court yesterday ruled that while there may have been some violent acts, it didn’t qualify as obstruction because Park was only reading a newspaper at the time.

Yeah, you can see the paper in one of the pictures above. Doesn’t keeping up-to-date on the news count as some of the work that a lawmaker should be doing?

“The accused at the time was not in control of his emotions,” said the judge Lee Dong-yeon.[1] “It’s difficult to establish that the accused had the intention to inflict harm.[2] Also, his yelling and kicking at doors can be seen as his act to represent his party’s stance.”[3]

(Numbers are mine.)

1. If Kang can’t control his emotions, then he should be in a mental institution, or at least not be part of his country’s government.

2. With so many people holding him back, it would have been difficult for Kang to inflict harm even if he intended it. His actions were violent and destructive to public property. Someone who does that ought to be punished, especially if they’re supposed to be part of the government itself.

3. What the heck is this even supposed to mean?!

Here’s another picture of Kang destroying public property.

Here he is attacking riot police.

More violence from Kang

January 4, 2010

Professor becomes public nuisance after being caught riding without a ticket

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If you’ve ever wondered why Korean universities don’t rank in the world’s top 50, perhaps this story might shed some light.
A professor was caught riding the subway without a ticket by an official. Having lost face, she decided to retaliate by becoming the subway officials’ #1 public nuisance.

“Frankly, at first, part of my motivation was revenge.”

[ snip ]

When she shows up, the whole employees at the Apgujeong subway station shudder. And it has been that way for the last six years.

[ snip ]

It has become her habit. Since then, she has filed 499 complaints against the state-owned Seoul Metro, pointing out various problems, including improper ventilation, trains arriving not on time.

When a complaint is made, the chief official of the subway station which the complaint was directed to, has to write a report to the regional head office, which then refers it to the headquarters. A reply, approved by the head office, has to be composed and has to be posted on the Seoul Metro web site. The complaint records are used to assess the job performance of the subway employees at the station.

Kim has become a pain in the neck for the local subway station officials. When she showed up at 6:30 a.m. every morning at the Apgujeong station near her home, they got nervous. She might complain that you’re not standing in a proper position where you’re supposed to be, or notice that you’re using your mobile phone during work hours.

“The subway workers here have developed nervous breakdown because of her,” said Kim Seong-mo, the chief official at the Apgujeong station. Last Autumn, he proposed a meeting with Kim to placate her. It was rejected.

These days, she composes two or three complaint letters every week.

“Every day, we deal with 100,000 people who use our station. We’re very busy all the time even without her. But now, the first thing we do every morning is to check our computer to see whether there is any new complaint from her,” he said.

Finally, after complaining about her, officials were able to make her stop. End of story, right? Not quite.

She switched her letters’ destination and now directs her complaints to another government web site at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which manages railway transportation.

This would be childish behavior from an 8-year-old. She’s a professor?! Where does she get the free time? Doesn’t she have things to do, like … teach? Unbelievable immaturity from a so-called “educator.”

(Hat Tip to tzechuk)

September 3, 2009

TV Drama “Tamra the Island” to be Shortened to 16 Episodes

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You might recall the TV drama “Tamra the Island.” (Watch it here with English sub-titles.) Unfortunately, not only will its intended run of 20 episodes not be extended, but it will be shortened to 16 episodes. If it’s true that most of the drama has already been filmed, then that means that the shortening will be done with hasty editing that could lead to an incongruous story. MBC has been receiving numerous online complaints, but it remains to be seen if anything will change. Something is very wrong with the world when the idiotic “Boys over Flowers” becomes a monster hit, but an ambitious, high-quality drama isn’t even allowed to fulfill its full run.

August 20, 2009

Journalist’s writing proof of no knowledge about teaching. What a surprise

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In today’s Korea Times is an article about some of the foreign English teachers who were hired by EPIK (English Program In Korea) and have just arrived in Korea. In the text is proof that the writer has no clue about teaching.

Unlike in private English-teaching institutions, teachers at EPIK are not required to stick to a rigid curriculum, but must work in a more proactive setting and provide ideas.

Teachers in hogwons (private institutes) have to stick to a rigid curriculum?! Bwa ha ha ha ha!* And by the way, what’s wrong with having a curriculum and sticking to it? Many people, including a lot of so-called “teachers” seem to think that the only purpose of a curriculum is to be an unnecessary inconvenience. They are, among other things, to help plan lessons, prepare students, and have teachers be accountable.

* I refuse to use the irredeemably idiotic “Lol.”

August 3, 2009

Filipinas are good enough for sex, but not good enough to have children with?

Thanks to this translation from Korea Beat, we have the Quote of the Week:

23-year old Rose, a Filipina who married [a Korean man] one year ago, was thrown out of her husband’s home after becoming pregnant at the beginning of this year because he does not like people from The Phillippines.

She revealed her pregnancy and asked for help, but her husband assaulted her and she received a cold reception from her in-laws.

[Rose (pseudonym)/marriage immigrant: I cried a lot. I want to go to The Pillippines. My baby with no father….]

(emphasis mine)

Did I read that right? He married a Filipina, but doesn’t like people from the Philippines? Why did he marry her? To just have sex? That seems to be the explanation, since he threw her out after she got pregnant.

It’s too barbaric to describe in words.

July 17, 2009

Drunk high-school teachers have a fistfight … in front of their students

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Two apparently drunk high-school teachers had a fistfight … in front of their school’s gates, in full view of their shocked students. According to the article, the fight started over an argument over marking final exams. The two will, allegedly, face disciplinary measures. Let’s wait and see what kind of slap on the wrist they receive.

The teachers were Korean, so expect Anti-English Spectrum to pretend this never happened.

July 2, 2009

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally kill the wrong manager?

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A man was paid 3 million won instead of the promised 5 million by his manager, leading to an argument and a scuffle. The man left, but later returned. His manager wasn’t there, so what did he do? He “accidentally” stabbed to death another manager who worked in the same office.

He told the police that he suddenly got upset and stabbed the team manager in a fit of anger. He also said the absent executive always looked down on him, which caused his frustration to grow over a long period of time.

“My job is very stressful. I was upset. You must understand me.”

I wonder if that would work if I killed my ex-hogwon boss. Probably not.

The police requested the prosecution file for an arrest warrant.

They didn’t arrest him?!

June 27, 2009

Would you want these students to become your doctor or pharmacist?

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Korea Beat has reported that a group of pharmacology students at Seoul National University were caught cheating on an exam, and that this follows a similar incident last year in which pre-med students were also caught cheating. Their punishment? The medical students were given “various punishments including demotion,” whatever that means. A Korea Herald article on the same topic stated that, “The school only issued warnings to the students.” Either way, it’s clear that the students received extremely light punishment, especially in light of the fact that, in the future, they will be making life-or-death decisions based upon their “knowledge.” Certainly, something harsher was merited.
And the pharmacology students?

The cheating was brought to light after a student posted an article on the SNU Intranet that some pharmacy college students cheated in exams.

In their reply to the article, some cheaters responded, “So what?”

That’s a nice attitude to have, since faulty knowledge on a pharmacist’s part could lead to a patient’s death. And their punishment?

“We will look into the case and those who were involved will get zero scores,” said Seo Young-geo, dean of the college.

What a joke. Anyone who teaches at a Korean university knows that the only way to fail is through excessive absences. A score of zero is still a pass, albeit a grade of D. But students can always take the course over again, and the old mark is expunged from their record as if it had never existed.

This is one reason why Korea is not a good place to get sick or injured in. You can never be sure that a doctor or pharmacist legitimately passed their medical exams. If you can, get a second opinion, but be surreptitious about it. Korean doctors become offended if they learn that you’re gotten a second opinion, seeing it as an affront on their authority. The way I see it, if they don’t want their competence challenged, they they should pass their medical exams fair-and-square, and lobby their universities to adhere to strict standards. Every cheater is an albatross around the neck of every alumni.

By the way, cheating on tests is referred to in Korea as “cunning,” and is only seen as negative if you are caught. It’s negative because you were stupid enough to get caught, not because what you did was morally or ethically wrong. If you successfully cheat, then it’s actually seen as positive, because it demonstrates how clever you are (thus, “cunning”).

June 24, 2009

Pervert cameraman violates Son Dam-bi

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If Roboseyo thought that there was some pervy camerawork in this video (I didn’t), then he should see this video (Hat Tip to All K Pop). At the 2:35 mark, the cameraman approaches Son Dam-bi from the front, his camera well below the hem of her miniskirt. But then at 2:40, he sneaks up behind her, puts the lens right between her legs, points it upward, then scurries off like the weasel he is. What a pervert.
Here is the “professional” video of the same event. Notice how they didn’t use the latter footage. I guess it’s for the cameraman’s own private “Saturday Night” with Son Dam-bi.

June 23, 2009

Two caught helping others cheat on TOEIC via wireless devices

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According to the Korea Herald and Korea Times, two people have been caught helping others to cheat on the TOEIC test.
One of the two had lived in America for 27 years. He took the test, and transmitted his answers to his partner as he did so. They then sold the answers to people for two-to-three million won per person. Said people went, score-wise, from 500 to 900 points, arousing suspicion.
Now get this: One of the guys had been arrested, and sent to jail, for this kind of cheating before. The two met while in prison.
What I don’t understand is how one guy could send out the answers on a wireless set throughout the entire test without anyone seeing? When my students take one of my tests, they’re allowed pens, pencils, erasers, and correction tape/fluid (and they get away with nothing under my hawk vision*). Isn’t it the same with these tests?

* Thanks to my contact lenses.


The Joongang Daily has more information.

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