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January 24, 2010

Girls’ Generation’s video for the song “Oh!” = Asian poses overload

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Girls’ Generation have released a teaser video for their upcoming song “Oh!”* and they’ve managed to cram in more Asian poses in a scant thirty seconds than in any full-length video by Kara or Rainbow. These three groups are expected to be contenders for the Asian Poses Gold Medal at the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics.

* which follows their hit “Gee” and is expected to be followed up by songs entitled “Wow,” “Hey,” and “Aw sh*@!”

January 21, 2010

Reporter has difficulty not laughing while reporting “Go home, make babies” news

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As Brian in Jeollanam-do reported earlier, South Korean bureaucrats are being told to go home early so that they can make more babies, for the good of the nation (“Just lie back and think of England Korea.”).

The BBC reported on this, and during the video segment, the reporter has difficulty not laughing while reporting this news (see 0:40 of the video). And at 1:05, 1:25, and 1:55 he’s visibly trying really hard to keep a straight face.

Boosting the number of newborn children is a priority for the government, which is staring into the abyss of a rapidly ageing society, falling levels of manpower and spiralling health care costs.

The Ministry of Health, now sometimes jokingly referred to as the Ministry of Matchmaking, is in charge of spearheading this drive, and it clearly believes its staff should lead by example.

Generous gift vouchers are on offer for officials who have more than one child, and the department organises social gatherings in the hope of fostering love amongst its bureaucrats.

But critics say what is really needed is widescale reform to tackle the burdensome cost of childcare and education that puts many young people off starting a family.

Be sure to check out the comments below the article. Korea Times, this is what a comment board should look like.

January 13, 2010

The translations aren’t real, but the laughter is

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There’s a YouTube user called “jeaok” who writes subtitles for Korean music videos not based upon real translations but on what they sound like to him (for example, Girls’ Generation’s hit “Cheese“).

I haven’t looked at them all, but this video, below, had me in stitches, with tears in my eyes.

(Hat Tip to weebil)

January 8, 2010

Website and tabloid think “Abracadabra” parody is gay porn

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A few days ago, a Dutch website called DePers ran a story called “Taboo in China” in which they described a “Chinese gay film.” What was this film? It was the parody of “Abracadabra” by members of boy bands 2AM and 2PM (called the “Dirty Eyed Girls”). About a day later, the Daily Star (which from appearances, must be a tabloid) claimed that the Dirty Eyed Girls were a gay Japanese music group.

Despite the mixed reaction in Japan, the song has been a big hit in the Japanese gay community.

Really? You don’t say.

So what was the origin of this? In all likelihood, this uploaded video.

The original

The parody

Do you see what I see? Why, it’s Park “Korea is gay” Jae-beom.

January 4, 2010

Professor becomes public nuisance after being caught riding without a ticket

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If you’ve ever wondered why Korean universities don’t rank in the world’s top 50, perhaps this story might shed some light.
A professor was caught riding the subway without a ticket by an official. Having lost face, she decided to retaliate by becoming the subway officials’ #1 public nuisance.

“Frankly, at first, part of my motivation was revenge.”

[ snip ]

When she shows up, the whole employees at the Apgujeong subway station shudder. And it has been that way for the last six years.

[ snip ]

It has become her habit. Since then, she has filed 499 complaints against the state-owned Seoul Metro, pointing out various problems, including improper ventilation, trains arriving not on time.

When a complaint is made, the chief official of the subway station which the complaint was directed to, has to write a report to the regional head office, which then refers it to the headquarters. A reply, approved by the head office, has to be composed and has to be posted on the Seoul Metro web site. The complaint records are used to assess the job performance of the subway employees at the station.

Kim has become a pain in the neck for the local subway station officials. When she showed up at 6:30 a.m. every morning at the Apgujeong station near her home, they got nervous. She might complain that you’re not standing in a proper position where you’re supposed to be, or notice that you’re using your mobile phone during work hours.

“The subway workers here have developed nervous breakdown because of her,” said Kim Seong-mo, the chief official at the Apgujeong station. Last Autumn, he proposed a meeting with Kim to placate her. It was rejected.

These days, she composes two or three complaint letters every week.

“Every day, we deal with 100,000 people who use our station. We’re very busy all the time even without her. But now, the first thing we do every morning is to check our computer to see whether there is any new complaint from her,” he said.

Finally, after complaining about her, officials were able to make her stop. End of story, right? Not quite.

She switched her letters’ destination and now directs her complaints to another government web site at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which manages railway transportation.

This would be childish behavior from an 8-year-old. She’s a professor?! Where does she get the free time? Doesn’t she have things to do, like … teach? Unbelievable immaturity from a so-called “educator.”

(Hat Tip to tzechuk)

September 1, 2009

Men’s “sexual life expectancy” is 69. Let me repeat: 69

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An insurance company was asked to pay compensation to a man who was rendered impotent after a car accident. How did they decide how much to pay? By finding out how many years of joy and bliss he missed, by determining what his “sexual life expectancy” was. And it was determined to be … 69. Let me repeat: 69. And G-Dragon is saying, “Yeah? So?”
Speaking of such, I can’t help but remember this story.

August 16, 2009

Former presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young is now a rapper. I’m neither kidding nor on crack

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Do you remember Huh Kyung-young? He claims to have an I.Q. of 430, be able to see the future, to heal arthritis by touch, and to have been chosen to lead Korea by its mythical founder, Dangun. If elected, he promised to give couples 100 million won for getting married, move the U.N. headquarters to Panmunjom, and unite with Mongolia and, later, China.
He’s just finished an 18-month stint in jail for breaking election laws by spreading false information, such as the notion that after the campaign, he would marry Park Geun-hye. No sooner was he out of the clink than he resumed his eccentric behavior by claiming that the spirit of Michael Jackson visited him in prison, his body pierced with nails like Christ.
Now, Mr. Huh has released his first rap song. I’m not kidding. Thanks to Indieful ROK we can listen to this masterpiece, “Call Me.” Mad props also go out to Nude Viking for translating some of the lyrics:

Look in my eyes/
You will be happy/
Call “Huh Kyung-young”/
You will be healthy/
If you shout “Huh Kyung-young,” you’ll pass your tests/
Look in my eyes/
You’ll lose weight

I know that you will join me in waiting on pins and needles for his follow-up song, “Light of the East (Dongbangui Deungbul).”

August 13, 2009

Speaking of stressed-out students, whatever happened to the “Korean madness” girls?

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To no one’s surprise, young Koreans spend the most hours studying in the OECD.

According to the comparative study on the life patterns of children and adolescents commissioned by the National Youth Policy Institute, Koreans aged between 15 and 24 spent an average of seven hours and 50 minutes per day on studying at school, private crammers or at home as of 2003, nearly three hours longer per day than the OECD average of five hours.

I wonder what those hours would look like if we only looked at high school students. The amount of time that Korean university students spend studying is next to zip.

And here is concrete proof that quality is more important than quantity.

But while Korean students spent eight hours and 55 minutes per week on math alone, the country ranked second in the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2003 with 542 points, after Finland which scored 544 points. Finnish students spend just four hours and 22 minutes per week on math.

Are the “mothers’ mafias” who terrorize hogwons (private institutes) into doing their bidding (by threatening to take their kids to another hogwon) listening? Probably not.

If ever asked to present visible evidence that stress is driving young Korean students crazy, I would present this video* as Exhibit A. I wonder what ever happened to those girls? The skinny girl is a comic genius. One of the major entertainment companies should have snatched her up, if they had any sense. Who cares if she doesn’t really have vocal talent? A lot of Korean “singers” who can’t sing.

* I could watch that video a million times, and still get a smile on my face on the millionth-and-first viewing.

August 9, 2009

Sexual performance problems? Our medicine will have you using your thingy to smash through walls

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Mad props to flakfizer for making and putting up this video.
Do you have problems with sexual performance or urinating? Don’t worry, our medicine will give you pee so powerful you’ll be smashing down walls!
By the way, there’s a kind of Korean wine made from wild berries, bok-bun-ja, which is supposed to have similar enhancement properties.

July 27, 2009

Japanese guy proposes to Girls’ Generation member he never met before

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Some Japanese guy appeared on a TV show. He said, slowly in Korean, “”Korean woman pretty, please marry me …” Then he sang Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish.” After that, he went to Girls’ Generation member Soo Young, whom he had never met before, took out a diamond ring, and proposed to her.
Her reaction? “This is a precious ring that you have brought from Japan, so please find your perfect girl and place that ring on her finger.”
His response? “I want to go tour places where there is a lot of Korean women, like Apgujong.”
Actually, all of Korea has Korean women, but if he’s looking for cosmetically-enhanced women, he’s thinking of the right place. So if you’re in Apgujong and see some guy offering a diamond ring to female passers-by, you’ll know the background story.

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