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December 26, 2009

I bought a penguin hat

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Yes, after ridiculing them in this post, I bought a penguin hat, a blue one, to be precise.

I really wanted one to send to my family back home, so much so that I bought a cake just for myself. After eating a sliver, it’s now in my freezer, where it will stay for who-knows-how-long, unless I see a homeless person starving outside of my apartment building. Brian will probably be annoyed with me, as my behavior is sure to encourage the continued tradition of selling cutesy hats every Christmas.

One thing I don’t understand is why all of the chains (Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, etc.) offer the same deal: buy a cake and get a free hat. They’re all competing to offer the same product to the same demographic. Why not buy-a-dozen-donuts-and-get-big-mittens-that-look-like-bear-paws? Or buy-a-mini-cake-and-six-pastries-and-get-a-scarf-that-looks-like-candy? Honestly, I would have bought a box of donuts (which I would have given away) just for another hat to send home. But no, you have to buy a cake.

Neither Brian nor Zen Kimchi took a picture of the cake I bought, so here is the container and cake:

As Zen Kimchi pointed out, unlike Baskin Robbins cakes in North America, which are a combination of cake and ice cream, the ones here are just ice cream. At first I was annoyed by this (and still am). However, cake goes stale, so my cake should keep better.

December 23, 2009

The women of Naked News Korea have formed a girl band. I’m neither kidding nor on crack

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the women of Naked News Korea after it went bust? Well, wonder no more. They have formed a girl band.









Okay, have you stopped laughing?

The name of the group is called … wait for it … the Naked Girls. According to a representative:

“We have gathered Minkyung, Jaekyung, Hyeji and Taehee to form this girl group, and will officially debut under the name Naked Girls in January next year. Their performances will be composed of inappropriate songs and choreography, definitely not suitable for youth. The girls’ activities will be focused more on musicals rather than national television.”

Oh, and you can add a new item to your ever-lengthening list of Konglish: sexycal — a sexy musical. If they’re like so-called “sexy dances,” they’re probably not very sexy at all.

December 18, 2009

Jessica Gomes thinks Rain is sexy

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Jessica Gomes (pics via Grand Narrative) thinks that Rain is sexy.

“Rain’s body looks very healthy and overflows with sexiness. From what I heard, Rain is a work-out mania. I believe his well-sculpted figure is a charming feature of his.”

She might have to fight for him against Megan Fox, who wants Rain to find her and to sing to her.

October 13, 2009

Elephant becomes star after being cleared of assault charges

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Remember the elephant that was accused of throwing a rock at a woman’s head? After being cleared of assault charges (no evidence or witnesses were found), he is now the star of Seoul Children’s Grand Park zoo.

Despite concerns that the elephant’s criminal charges may repel visitors, the cage of the 35-year-old animal since then has become the zoo’s most popular spot, said officials.

The news even contributed to attracting new visitors to the zoo, as people wanted to see the famous elephant, said a zoo official.

“Visitors would recognize Tae-san from television and approach the cage to have a closer look or take photographs, none of them seeming to be afraid of him,” said the zoo-keeper in charge of the elephant. “We, at the zoo, are all so proud of him for holding his own after the distresses caused by the investigation.”

I wonder if the woman named Kim is now feeling like an idiot.

September 16, 2009

Woman attacked by elephant; MySpace comments possible motive

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According to the Korea Herald and Korea Times, a woman named Kim was walking in the zoo in Children’s Grand Park when she suddenly felt a pain in the back of her head. Turning around, she saw two rocks, each the size of a fist. Looking around the vicinity, she saw who she believes is the only possible culprit: an elephant. Police are investigating.

“No one else other than that elephant could have thrown those stones at me,” Kim said to the police. “The park should take responsibility for neglecting to supervise the animal.”

The police are checking CCTV tapes and questioning zoo officials, in response to this unprecedented case.

The motive for the attack is unknown. There are unsubstantiated rumors, though, that the woman wrote anti-pachyderm comments on her MySpace page.

September 13, 2009

Do you need tongue training?

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Here is a video which explains, in Korean, the different kinds of kisses. Included are: bird, cross, ear, sliding, inside, tongue training, french, eating, long, air cleaning, “bitting” (probably a misspelling of “biting”), wide space, neck, and candy.

The female narrator sounds like the same Korean Air voice who instructs me as to how to properly inflate my lifejacket in the event of a landing on water. Given the unerotic nature of the video, despite the best efforts of the piano and violin players, watching this video made me feel like I do just before takeoff.

July 28, 2009

President Brian, please outlaw Sexy Dance/Michael Jackson tribute combos

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Brian in Jeollanam-do has promised, if elected president, to outlaw sexy dances. I’m going to hold him to that, in light of this Sexy Dance/Michael Jackson tribute combination. Isn’t it a little late for this? 2NE1 did a tribute to him soon after he died, about a month ago. The girl spotlighted in the video is Hyun-ah, who, until illness forced her to leave, was a member of the Wonder Girls, a fact that’s been promoted hard. Even though she’s underage (turned 17 years old recently, according to this profile*), her handlers have been tarting her up, with bare midriffs, etc. In this video, her getup and hip-shaking makes her look like a girl at Yongsan’s hooker district.** She blinks so much that it looks like she has a tic in her eye, and she sings in a nasal, chipmunk voice. I guess she, or her trainers, are going for aegyo. It may be working, though. Jokwon of 2AM*** recently described her as his “ideal” woman.
Since I’ve wandered onto this topic, I think that Hyun-ah’s group, 4Minute, has been really cribbing the style (big sunglasses, bright colors, leggings, etc.) of 2NE1, a group that I actually like. A lot. Stop laughing, I’m serious. I’ll get into details in a later blog entry.

* Almost all information about her has been edited out of Wikipedia’s entry on the Wonder Girls. Strange. Very Joseph Stalin-esque.

** Soon to be torn down

*** No, I don’t know who he is either. No, I don’t care who he is either.

July 27, 2009

Japanese guy proposes to Girls’ Generation member he never met before

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Some Japanese guy appeared on a TV show. He said, slowly in Korean, “”Korean woman pretty, please marry me …” Then he sang Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish.” After that, he went to Girls’ Generation member Soo Young, whom he had never met before, took out a diamond ring, and proposed to her.
Her reaction? “This is a precious ring that you have brought from Japan, so please find your perfect girl and place that ring on her finger.”
His response? “I want to go tour places where there is a lot of Korean women, like Apgujong.”
Actually, all of Korea has Korean women, but if he’s looking for cosmetically-enhanced women, he’s thinking of the right place. So if you’re in Apgujong and see some guy offering a diamond ring to female passers-by, you’ll know the background story.

July 22, 2009

Seoul to introduce new national slogan? Boooooo!

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Seoul intends to introduce a government logo that will be used by all ministries and agencies as well as a new national slogan.

Officials said the images currently under consideration included those of the Korean Peninsula and the rose of Sharon, or Mugunghwa, the country’s national flower.

The council also plans to conduct a survey until the end of the year on the country’s current slogan ‘Dynamic Korea’ and the more commercially used ‘Korea Sparkling,’ a move that could lead to the creation of a new slogan.

I don’t think Korea needs a national slogan. I don’t understand this obsession with “national brands.” I think it’s just a jargon term for being well-known in the world, one invented by, and exploited by, snake-oil salesmen. Korea would be better off spending that time, energy, and money on other things.

If were asked to suggest a slogan, it would be: Extreme Championship Government.

July 2, 2009

Man wins 38 million won because penis enlargement surgery gave him impotence

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A man had penis enlargement surgery, but it made him impotent. The hospital has been ordered to pay him 38 million won. How did the court arrive at this figure?

The Seoul Central District Court held the hospital liable for the accident, and estimated the amount of compensation based on the assumption that the sexual dysfunction deprived him of 15 percent of his capability to earn an income.

“It’s based on the belief he can work with no health problems until the age of 60,” said Judge Roh Ho-sung. “We estimated his sexual incapacity will undermine 15 percent of his capability to earn money through labor up to that age.”

How does being impotent affect his ability to work? Is he a porn star?

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