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August 31, 2010

Many tablet PCs to be available soon … except for the iPad

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I’ve been wondering why the iPad has not been allowed into the South Korean market. Now we know why: To give Samsung, LG, TG Sambo, and even KT time to get their clones high-quality similar products into the pipeline. Samsung and LG were caught flat-footed by the iPhone, and so they’ve decided to strike back by keeping out the competition until they’re good and ready.

KT on Monday introduced the nation’s first tablet PC. Called the Identity Tab, it runs on Google’s Android operating system and is produced by Seoul-based gadget maker Enspert.

[ snip ]

Samsung Electronic plans to debut its Android-powered Galaxy Tab at the IFA consumer electronics trade show opening in Berlin this weekend. It will hit the Korean market through SK Telecom later in September. LG Electronics will also release an Android tablet PC within the year, and TG Sambo is developing a similar device.

(Chosun Ilbo)

KT plans to offer the tablet PC for $23 under a two-year contract. Without a contract, the device will sell for $411.

“Compared to the iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which will cost around $600-$700 in Korea, KT’s tablet PC is rather cheap,” said Hong-seek Kim, an analyst at NH Investment & Securities.

While it will sell its own device, KT says it’s still open to offering the iPad to South Korean consumers.

KT “is definitely thinking of launching the iPad in Korea, but I can’t tell you the exact timing of the launch,” said Sung-chul Kim, a KT vice president.

Apple spokeswoman Jill Tan declined to comment.

(Wall Street Journal)
(emphasis mine)

I would be at a loss for words, too, if my company were being ganged up on and its products kept off the shelves.

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  1. I did not think so before, but now I believe the hold-up with the iPad is primarily from Apple’s end.

    I don’t know the reason for this, but since the iPhone was released so recently, and the iPhone 4 is only now being released, I think they might be trying to space out the timing of their product releases.

    It’s a hunch, but it’s an informed hunch from a longtime Apple user in Korea who follows these changes.

    Comment by kushibo — September 11, 2010 @ 3:13 am

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