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July 18, 2010

There goes my plan to save a lot on a Blackberry …

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Unlike most people, I’m more interested in buying a Blackberry than an iPhone. I went into a shop with a Korean friend and found out that the latest model costs about a million won (roughly a thousand dollars!). Through the Internet, I discovered that the same model sells for about $500 in Canada. Since I’m going to Canada tomorrow for vacation (so expect light posting for a while), I thought I’d buy one in Canada and bring it back here, thus saving myself 500 bucks. Well, it turns out that I would have to pay 300,000 won to have it unlocked. I’d still save about 200 dollars, but still, bummer.

No surprise that South Korea is a country that will not get the latest iPhone at the end of July. Government approval wasn’t given because Samsung doesn’t have a clone in the pipeline extenuating circumstances.

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  1. ahh…you can go Cananda and buy the phone. How about someone who is in Korea and can’t travel…is there any provision like Black Market where you get Phones without any bill ?

    I guess…..there most be some option to buy cheaper phone compare to company dealer.


    Comment by Jaynath Sisodiya — October 13, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

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