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June 23, 2010

Teens kill “friend,” drain blood from body to carry it more easily

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When I first read this news (via the Korea Times and Joongang Daily), I was so dumbfounded that I wasn’t sure how or if to blog about it.

Some teenagers (all 15 years old except for one 19-year-old,* Lee, the boyfriend of one of the group’s members) killed their “friend,” then drained the blood from her body so as to carry it more easily. They dumped her body in the Han river, but fortunately (or unfortunately for the murderers), the body floated up. When the police found them, the killers were sleeping soundly, remorselessly.

Even experienced police officers called the case “horrendous and astonishing.”

[ snip ]

He [an investigator] said they seemed to have no sense of guilt or fear. “They acted very natural in their crime and to be honest, we don’t know what to say about them,” he added.

Why would they do such a thing?

The motive, police said: teenage gossip.

Police said Kim talked to other friends about Jung’s “very bad behavior.” In retaliation, he and four other teens took Kim to the home of Choi’s parents, who were away on a business trip, and began beating her.
(Joongang Daily)

However, when Choi heard that Kim had been talking behind their backs calling them “slutty,” she beat Kim up for four days. The other four joined in and beat her to death.

How did they drain her body?

Choi got Chung to ask Lee for help in disposing of the body. The murderers and their accomplice, copying crime animation films, hung Kim’s dead body upside down, cut her throat and drained all the blood out of it.

And where, exactly, did they get this idea?

He [Lee] allegedly suggested they drain Kim’s blood, telling them that he’d gotten the idea from “Case Closed,” a popular manga detective series. The gang consulted the Internet for tips on corpse disposal.

Raising children is very tough, especially these days, but this case appears to have clear evidence of parental negligence:

Police said all of them live either with a single parent or grandparents. The parents of neither the victim nor the suspects had reported their children missing during the span from June 9 to 13.

* Keep in mind East Asian age reckoning, so they could all be up to two years younger than their reported ages.)

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