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June 21, 2010

Why schools can’t teach creativity: parents

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Kim Jin-sung was a professor at Korea University until he resigned and became the principal of Hana Academy Seoul, with the grand vision of creating a learning environment that was unique in that it would do more that just emphasize rote-memorization. In addition to normal lessons, the student participate in extracurricular activities (such as learning musical instruments and playing sports) and volunteer work.

“These extracurricular activities are designed to harmonize students’ physical, cultural, ethical and intellectual qualities,” said Kim Jin-sung, principal of Hana, who came to the school after resigning as a professor at Korea University with the vision of establishing an elite institution like Eton in Korea. “The ultimate goal is to make Hana Academy Seoul an outstanding educational institution that does not only focus on college admissions.”

Unfortunately, he’s run into a snag: parents.

“Enhancing creativity is good, but how can our children get into elite universities if they don’t study as much as other high school students?” a parent asked Kim Seung-yu, the founder of Hana Academy Seoul, at a parent-teacher conference held on May 24. “If our children don’t get admissions to prestigious universities from doing too many extracurricular activities, who will be responsible?”

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  1. Great minds think alike – I didn’t see this post until just now when I read your comment over on The Chosun Bimbo, my source was strictly The JoonAng.

    Comment by Chosun Bimbo — July 2, 2010 @ 2:51 am

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