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June 17, 2010

North Korean soccer star wants a Korean Spice Girl Wonder Girl as a trophy

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You might recall that North Korea gave soccer powerhouse Brazil a much harder fight than most people expected, though they ultimately lost 2-1, despite being promised gifts during visits by Kim Jong-un, the youngest son and probable heir of Kim Jong-il. Even South Korean president Lee Myung-bak was disappointed by their loss, and the North Korean media complimented the players despite not securing victory. Whew. I guess that means that their families won’t be sent to the gulags.

One of the stars of the team, Jong Tae-se, apparently wants, among other things, to have one of the Wonder Girls as a trophy.

The AP reported that although Jong was born and raised in Japan, he had decided to join the North Korean team. They also said that the forward “loves to shop, snowboard dreams of marrying Korea’s Posh Spice” and that “he collects sneakers and considers himself a bit of a fashion hound.”

The news agency also revealed Jong’s hopes for himself five years later: “driving a car worthy of a rap star, with a pop star like one of the singers from the Wonder Girls on his arm, and playing for a big-name club in Europe.”

Comparing the Wonder Girls to the Spice Girls?! The South Koreans should send him to salt mines for that blasphemy. In any case, which one would be “Posh”? It had better not be Ye-eun (“Yenny”), because she’s the only one who can really sing (see 1:20 to 1:50, below).

Bobby Lee saves the day.

You can read more about Jong Tae-se, who has been dubbed “the People’s Rooney,” at the Chosun Ilbo:

Jong has referred to himself as a “lactic acid tank.” His body generates lactic acid quickly, which triggers fatigue, and compared himself humbly with Manchester United player Park Ji-sung, who is dubbed the “oxygen tank” for his stamina. He says Park is his role model.

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