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March 18, 2010

Rapist, suspected murderer claims he was too drunk to remember his crimes

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Oh geez, here we go again. Kim Kil-tae (김길태), who almost certainly raped a 13-year-old middle school student (since his DNA was found inside her), and probably murdered her and dumped her body, is claiming that he was too drunk to remember details about his crimes.

“Although I was too drunk to remember the details, I think I killed Lee by covering her mouth with my hand during the rape to stop her from screaming,” Kim Hee-ung, the chief of the Sasang Police Precinct of Busan, quoted the suspect as saying.

[ snip ]

The suspect said he had consumed up to five bottles of soju – Korean hard liquor – and he could not remember the details of the kidnapping, police said.

[ snip ]

While he confessed in detail about the body dumping, he told the police that he was too drunk to remember other parts of the crime.

Not this crap again. You can almost not blame him for trying, since the “I was drunk” defense worked so well for Cho Du-sun, the human filth who nearly destroyed the body and spirit of Nayoung.

“We believe he was extremely intoxicated and probably nearly unconscious at the time of his crime,” a senior police official said.

How do they know that? Did they take a blood sample from him at the time of the rape/murder? I’m glad that the newspaper article is also skeptical.

But it remains to be answered, how Kim, too drunk to remember his crime, had managed to enter the house, kidnap the victim and take her to an empty house while hiding from view. Kim’s body dumping, which took place only hours after the killing, was meticulously carried out. The suspect placed cement and tile on top of the body placed inside the water tank.

For a guy who was so drunk as to be “nearly unconscious,” he was able to carry out many tasks which require some measure of planning and clarity of mind.

“Judges are also no longer showing leniency toward crimes committed under the influence of alcohol.”

Can you imagine the uproar if this guy is given the same kind of slap on the wrist that Cho Du-sun received? The question is: Would they be so stupid as to do so?

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  1. […] details that have emerged in that case since my last post on it are that he claims to have been too drunk to remember his crimes, and that some netizens opened a “cafe” in support of  him before that confession, […]

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