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February 19, 2010

B. R. Myers: “Americans should shift … from trying to talk to the North Koreans which is pointless to talking to the Chinese.”

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Author B. R. Myers (“The Cleanest Race – How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters”) had an interview with ABC News. To those familiar with him, there may not be too much new here, though this stood out for me:

I believe that the Americans should shift their energy and their diplomatic resources from trying to talk to the North Koreans which is pointless to talking to the Chinese. Now I don’t mean that we should try to get the Chinese to persuade the North Koreans to disarm because they’re not going to have any more success in that endeavour that we have had.

But I believe the Chinese can perhaps be persuaded into allowing North Korea to collapse. So I believe that America’s efforts should go towards assuaging China’s fears of a reunited Korean.

I think he’s basically said that before, but not so baldly. In any case, you should read the entire interview.

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