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February 13, 2010

(Updated) All about Rihanna in Korea

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R’n’B star Rihanna arrived in Korea on February 11 to promote her new album. She arrived late for a press conference sporting a funny hairdo. This in turn caused her to be late for an autograph session to which she wore the same leopard hoodie as Lee Hyori did a while ago. Along the way, she met girl group 4Minute, tried Korean food,* and expressed her gratitude that Kim Yu-na uses her music.
There’s no word yet on whether or not she’s seen Girls’ Generations’ “Oh!” yet.


She was asked if she knew about the controversy surrounding the song.

“No, I didn’t know that,” she said.

But before further inquiries could be made, the interpreter seated next to her quickly moved onto the next question without properly translating it to local media.

From there on, common questions off the standard operating procedure made during promotional press conferences were brought on – keeping things tame and PG-rated.

Huh. That reminds me of this incident when the Korean group 4Minute went to the Philippines for promotional activities there.

Hyun-ah was an original member of the Wonder Girls but had to quit the group just six months after they debuted in 2007 due to her deteriorating health.

On January 22, JYP Entertainment announced that Sun-mi, another member of the Wonder Girls, was quitting the group to resume her studies in South Korea.

With Hyun-ah and Sun-mi experiencing similar misfortunes with the Wonder Girls, The Korea Times asked Hyun-ah if she would consider going back to the Wonder Girls if Park Jin-Young, owner of JYP Entertainment, asked her to.

However, even before the interpreter could translate the question, a staff member for the organizer stopped her from answering the question.

The press also failed to get Hyun-ah’s reaction on Sun-mi’s decision to quit, when the organizer again prohibited her from responding.

Huh. So what kinds of questions were they permitted to ask?

The questions 4Minute members did answer were mainly about their diet and lifestyle.

Answering a question from The Korea Times on their health, 4Minute admitted that they are on a special diet to maintain their sexy image as K-pop idols.

But they said they were having a hard time controlling their diet in Manila since they love the food.

Really? If so, then then somebody should tell them about the “Little Manila” market that takes place on Sundays. Oh, wait …

* She likes bulgogi, but her favorite is bean paste stew (된장찌개).

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  1. wish there will be rihanna in manila again

    Comment by rihanna — February 19, 2010 @ 5:32 am

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