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February 10, 2010

“Little Manila”? Not in our backyard, say mean people concerned citizens

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Every Sunday in Hyehwa-dong, many Filipinos gather after church services to chat, eat, and buy things from their home country in an informal market. The Jongno District Office has told them to cease and desist because of intolerance from mean people complaints from passers-by and residents.

There are about 46,000 Filipinos in Korea, forming the fifth largest ethnic group, following Chinese, Americans, Vietnamese and Japanese.

[ snip ]

“The reasons they gave up us was one, they received complaints from neighbors and pedestrians in the area; two, there were concerns about cleanliness and order; three, they want to redevelop the sidewalk and include a waterfall wall in the area; and four, they want to transfer the market to a new multicultural market,” the priest told The Korea Times over the phone.

“It’s a Philippine way of life. We go to church, then go to the market to buy provisions and meet friends. It’s an expression of Philippine culture. The national government has a policy about supporting multiculturalism in Korea, but there seems to be a contradiction with the district office’s plans. The church and the market should go together and not be separated,” he said.

Outside the church, there are usually 16 vendors selling Philippine products and cooked food. Many Filipinos living not just in Seoul, but also from the provinces, flock to the market to buy products from their home country

Parantar noted the problems raised by the district office can be addressed by the vendors at the market.

“The problems that they raised can be resolved by talking to the vendors. They are willing to cooperate. If they are concerned about the cleanliness and orderliness in the area, they can address the problems. If they want to redevelop the area again, they can integrate the Philippine market according to their plans,” Parantar said.

So they want to trample all over a migrant minority group so they can build a fountain. And if they’re concerned about “cleanliness” how about telling Koreans not to throw trash onto the street?

The district office said they have received civil petitions from the neighborhood and they have to take some measures against the Philippine market.

“There were many complaints from the pedestrians and residents. There also is a possibility of accidents as Filipinos flock out of the church after mass into car lanes,” said Lee Jong-ju of the district’s construction management division.

“A possibility of accidents”? Ever seen Koreans jaywalking right into oncoming traffic? How about delivery guys driving motorscooters right on the sidewalk? If you haven’t, you must be living in a parallel universe South Korea.

The district suggested moving to the grounds of Dongsung High School, but the school refused to participate. Another idea was shifting it to an area in front of the Catholic University of Korea campus, however, it has failed to respond to the suggestion.

Filipinos? Not in our back yard. We don’t like Filipinos It’s not convenient for us.

He added that the district will try not to use physical force. “The best way would be to transfer them to a designated area, but otherwise we are going to crack down on the market from March,” he said.

They’ll force them into a “designated area”? Somebody thinks that Filipinos in Korea should be neither seen nor heard.


  1. Koreans would never do that, they are so kind to foreigners.

    Again, it’s situations like the treatment of biracial Koreans and this that highlight Korean hypocrisy. They expect to have the right to immigrate to other countries and establish Korea Towns, but no one has the right to do it in Korea.

    Imagine if this happened to Koreans in another country! They would be freaking out and dealing out victim cards!

    I’ve printed this off so I can show Koreans and non-Koreans the “real” Korea. And Westerners are supposed to be the barbarians!

    Comment by Yeahright! — February 10, 2010 @ 6:35 pm

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  3. There were four people in a boat that was about to sink – – an American, a Japanese, a Korean and a Filipino. To save themselves, they had to unload. The American threw his MacPro shouting, “We have so many Macs in America. Waaah!” The Japanese threw his television, “We have so many Sonys in Japan. Hayaah!” The Korean threw his cellphone, “We have a lot of Samsungs in Korea. Urrrhhh!” The Filipino thought for a while. “Hmm…” Suddenly, he threw the Korean into the water, ”Aaaaah!”. The American and the Japanese were shocked. The Filipino said, “There are so many Koreans in the Philippines. OK?”

    Joke joke joke

    Comment by trese — February 11, 2010 @ 8:44 am

    • hahahahah! that joke was kewl, though I’ve heard it from Mariel Rodriguez in Wowowee I guess. Makin’ sense though! That’s a surefire to Korean hypocricy!

      Comment by roxyisferox — August 14, 2010 @ 9:21 am

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  6. The district suggested moving to the grounds of Dongsung High School, but the school refused to participate.

    Isn’t Dongsung High School right next door? I’d like to hear more about the reasons this plan was rejected, if in fact they did reject a reasonable proposal.

    Moving the market far away from the church is totally unreasonable.

    Comment by kushibo — February 17, 2010 @ 9:04 pm

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