Extra! Korea

February 10, 2010

Grog McKnockin

Filed under: humor — extrakorea @ 1:25 pm

I noticed this in the comments section of a post about something that I’ve blogged about, the ongoing scandal regarding the leaking of the SAT test.

It sounds crazy… until you put it into perspective by remembering that, in some countries, Jose is blowing away Juan for selling him a dime bag of bunk and LeRoy is blowing away Jamal for wearing the wrong colors and Grog McKnockin is beating Winston Thortan-Hill to death with his pint mug for having the wrong football jersey on.

Grog McKnockin. If I were to get a sock-puppet, which I wouldn’t because I believe that’s deceitful, I would take the name Grog McKnockin. Either that or Hornswoggle.

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