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February 7, 2010

Wonder Girls postpone album, cancel U.S. tour

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The Wonder Girls are running into some snags in their American debut. First, Sun-mi (a.k.a. Mimi) left the group to continue her university studies, beginning in March. (The Wonder Girls have already had their first performance with their new member, Hae Lim.) Then they announced that their English-language debut album, which was supposed to be released in February, will be postponed until March or April. Next, it was reported that they’ve canceled their headlining American tour.

Speaking of their album, I remember when Park Jin-young (a.k.a. JYP) spoke after returning to Korea after the Wonder Girls made it onto the Billboard charts.

This is where JYP stated the 3 reasons on how the Wonder Girls were able to succeed in America.

[ snip ]

US producers did not make the tracks, instead our own country’s producers did, which brought something new and fresh.

[ snip ]

In addition, working with American artists would be a waste of time, as the girls would have to learn a new system and work flow. By utilizing our own regular resources and staff, we were able to reduce the learning curve and save time.”

Oh really? Then why were they working with an American producer, Dave Stewart (ex-member of the Eurythmics) on their new album? I guess American artists are useful after all. At least they were the first Koreans onto the Billboard charts. Oh wait … Why doesn’t anyone ever call out Park Jin-young on his … I’ll be generous, and call them “embellishments.”

And did the Wonder Girls really want to go to America? Watch this episode of Golden Fishery (which has English subtitles), especially starting from 1:34.

Kang Ho-dong: While the Wonder Girls were at the top you decided to go to America. Was this decision made by yourself?

Park Jin-young: The entertainment industry is like a strong water current. If you try to stay still, you fall behind. If you want to stay still, you need to go higher or else you’re just standing still. If you try to go higher, you really have to try hard in the entertainment business. So I thought they should go to America but if I forced it on them and we failed that would’ve been a huge problem. So I called each member and asked them if they wanted to do it.

Kang Ho-dong: And so you got a 100% yes from all of the members?

Park Jin-young: Yes.

Kang Ho-dong (to the Wonder Girls): Is that correct?

[The Wonder Girls don’t respond.]

Kang Ho-dong: Be truthful. Is that correct?

Ye-eun: Well, it’s true, but like you said earlier, we are only a three-year-old group. When he asked us, how could we say “No”?

Kang Ho-dong: You’re indeed straightforward, Lady Park.

Park Jin-young: I said that since this is an important matter, say “Yes” if you want to or “No” if you don’t want to.

Yu-bin: But the way he asked us was that if we stay in Korea we will fall down. So he was asking, “Do you want to fall down or take a step forward?”


  1. They really should have been pushing to be the opening act for some huge pop tour. They could’ve easily opened for someone like Beyonce. I was never confiden that a solo wondergirls tour in the US would work.

    Comment by kissmykimchi — February 8, 2010 @ 12:34 am

    • Are you being facetious or ironic? (It’s more difficult to tell through writing than in face-to-face communication.) You do know that they were an opening act for the huge Jonas Brothers tour, don’t you?

      Comment by extrakorea — February 8, 2010 @ 1:22 am

  2. My feeling is The Wonder Girls are not going to take America by storm, maybe if they do porn, but that’s about the only way it’s going to happen. Except of course with Koreans and some other Asian groups.

    Who wants to see 80’s pop in the 21st century? Despite what PJY says Kpop really has nothing to offer except the same stuff already done 20 years ago.

    Ask someone (not Asian) walking down the street in America who the Wonder Girls are sometime.

    Comment by Yeahright! — February 8, 2010 @ 1:31 am

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