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January 27, 2010

Great video by teacher and his students

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Below is a (great, I think) video that was made by high school students with the help of their teacher. He is known as SightsOfSeoul on YouTube and as bassexpander on Dave’s ESL Cafe, and is the man responsible for the very good The Midnight Runner podcast. (Too bad it’s been inactive for five months.)

January 26, 2010

South Korea is the second-worst offender in online music piracy

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According to a survey of 8,500 people in 13 countries by Hong Kong-based Music Matters, China illegally downloaded more music than any other country last year, followed by South Korea.

Illegal downloading of music is a global problem. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said in a report released last week that sales of the global recording industry dwindled 30 percent between 2004 and 2009 mainly due to rampant piracy. The federation estimates that 95 percent of the music downloaded last year was illegal.

But Korea’s Culture Ministry downplayed the survey on Monday, saying that it was unreliable since it only involved 13 countries and it even defines free music streaming from legal sites as illegal downloading.

400,000 troops needed to secure North Korea and its “loose” nuclear weapons

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According to an analysis by the Rand Corporation (which has contracts with the U.S. defense establishment), in the event of regime collapse in North Korea, approximately 400,000 troops would be needed to stabilize the situation and to secure the North’s “loose” nuclear weapons.

[Dartmouth College scholar Jennifer] Lind acknowledges that any of a number of scenarios may come to pass but talks as if Kim’s demise were inevitable — and the U.S. and South Korea had better work closely together to figure out what to do when that happens. She and [Rand Corporation analyst Bruce] Bennett seem to have thought of everything from the exact number of troops needed to take control of North Korean nuclear facilities to how many troops would be responsible for disarming the North Korean armed forces, estimated at 1.4 million, to what to do about a flood of refugees rushing north to China and south to South Korea.

“We don’t envision large-scale organized resistance by the North Korean military,” she told a meeting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. Nor, said Lind, in what presumably was an understatement, should anyone “assume everyone in North Korea would welcome U.S. forces”. For that matter, Lind added, compounding the sense of understatement, “How to make these people citizens of a democratic unified Korea would require substantial troop requirement.”

Pressed to describe the legality of the deployment that she was suggesting, Lind acknowledged, “There’s no getting around it, this is an invasion of North Korea” in which “we’re sending military forces into a country that doesn’t want you to come.” Thus it was “important for the U.S. and South Korea to work out an agreement on how this can be done.”

[ snip ]

Yet another issue was the likely response of China, North Korea’s ally ever since Chinese troops defended the North from advancing U.S. and South Korean forces in the Korean War. The Chinese, as Bruce Klinger, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst now with the conservative Heritage Foundation, noted: “Do not want to talk about any contingency planning.”

Lind seemed to think that somehow it would be possible to “reassure China” that U.S. and South Korean forces were not there to challenge China.

It was as though the lessons of the Chinese role in the Korean War — and China’s focus on insuring the stability of the North Korean regime against collapse — were no longer relevant. As for South Korea’s enthusiasm for sending troops into North Korea, said Lind: “We need to ask what is the future of the U.S. alliance with this country.”

January 25, 2010

Is Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!” plagiarized from Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive”?

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Girls’ Generation’s new song “Oh!” (in addition to giving us an overdose of Asian poses) has already been accused of being plagiarized from Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive.” You can judge for yourself by watching this video. Note that the maker of the video acknowledges that:
a. Rihanna’s song is 133 beats-per-minute (BPM) while G-Gen’s is 144.
b. Rihanna’s song is one semitone lower in pitch than G-Gen’s.

Know what I think? I think that … Rihanna looks really freakin’ hot in that video!

Meet K-1’s Lim Su-jeong, who has a pretty face and fists of stone

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I stumbled upon this profile while searching for what Choi Hong-man is doing these days. First Choi Hyun-mi, and now this girl. I’m wondering two things: a. Is there something about the Korean gene pool that produces girls with pretty faces and fists of stone? And b. How can I meet girls like this?

I found her Wikipedia page, but you have to be careful not to confuse her with another South Korean kickboxer who has the same name (임수정, but who practices tae-kwon-do, not muay thai). In the picture below, the girl I’m talking about is the one on the left.

Lim started to train Muay thai for dieting when she was a high school student, and in November 2007 at the age of 22, she went to Thailand and stayed there for 3 months to practice Muay thai.

I did some Muay thai back in Canada, and it is tough.

After fighting for several years in South Korea and Thailand, Lim became the bronze medalist of the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur Tournament held in Bangkok in 2007 and the Muay thai bantamweight champion in South Korea.

[ snip ]

Before competing in K-1, Lim’s professional Muay thai record stood at 17-0-4.

To be competing at that level in Muay thai, she must be carved out of wood. Her current record in K-1 (a comprehensive kickboxing league based in Japan) is two wins and no losses. Below is a video of her bout against Chen Qing.

Apparently, she is known as “K-1 얼짱” which could be translated as “the K-1 fighter with the prettiest face.” Look below and judge for yourself.

January 24, 2010

Girls’ Generation’s video for the song “Oh!” = Asian poses overload

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Girls’ Generation have released a teaser video for their upcoming song “Oh!”* and they’ve managed to cram in more Asian poses in a scant thirty seconds than in any full-length video by Kara or Rainbow. These three groups are expected to be contenders for the Asian Poses Gold Medal at the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics.

* which follows their hit “Gee” and is expected to be followed up by songs entitled “Wow,” “Hey,” and “Aw sh*@!”

Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?

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A little while ago, Park Jin-young (a.k.a. JYP, CEO of JYP Entertainment) appeared on an entertainment show. A member of the group Rainbow did a “sexy dance” and Park’s expression was like that of Homer Simpson when he sees a donut.

However, after seeing this video, nothing that man does surprises me anymore, not even this picture or the ones below.

I was curious as to what some of the comments would be like.

omg. jyp is a perv.

JYP’s expression.. such a perv.

Park Jin Young looks creepy and dirty in that video =S

shes a former JYP Entertainment trainee. bet he wishes he wouldve kept her now…

JYP is such a perv and the other guys as well!!!

he looks like a greasy old man looking at a sexy dancing chic.

For that moment i felt that JYP is a dirty old man

JYP really like those sexy young girls

Wait a minute, say what? Was he drooling over one of his own ex-trainees? I went to Rainbow’s wikipedia page and found this:

Jae Kyung

* Full Name: Kim Jae Kyung (김재경)
* Date of Birth: December 24, 1988 (1988-12-24) (age 21)
o Appeared in A’ST1’s “Dynamite” music video.
o Appeared in SS501’s “Love Like This” music video.
o Former JYP Entertainment trainee.

Then I saved the draft of this post, and published some other posts. When I returned to this post and tried the video, I found this:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by KBSi.

Then when I returned to Rainbow’s wikipedia page, all of the information that I quoted above had been removed, Stalin-style, though you can still see it here at this cache.

Fortunately, the info still exists, at least for now, at a soompi thread, an asianfanatics thread, an indowebster thread (you have to “un-hide” her full profile by clicking on the toggle), and Rainbow’s Facebook page (you have to click on “read more”). Here is one in French, if you can read that:

Nom Kim Jae Kyung [Rainbow]
Nom réel / alternatif 김재경 / Kim Jae Gyeong
Nationalité Coréenne
Date de naissance 24/12/1988
Age 21 ans
Statut en activité
Début 2009
Genre(s) K-pop
Label musical DSP Media


Nom : Kim Jaekyung (김재경)
Date de naissance : 24 décembre 1988 Groupe : Rainbow
Rôle : Leader
Poids et taille : 168cm / 45kg
Education : Dongduk Women’s University
Paru dans : “Love like This” & ” A Song Calling For You” de SS501
Ancienne Stagiaire de JYP Entertainment
Cyworld/Blog : http://cyworld.com/my-name-jaekyung
Fansite/s : http://cafe.daum.net/manchunha

I’ve searched for the video on YouTube, but since then, almost all copies of it have been deleted (examples here, here, and here). So the question in my mind is: Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?

I’d like to point out that teachers are under scrutiny because they are authority figures under whose care children are placed. Well, there are many young people who train for hours each day, for years on end, in the JYP Entertainment academy (as well as those of YG, SM, and DSP Entertainment, among others). These kids probably have more respect for him than they do for their own teachers since he can make them stars and their teachers can’t. Just saying.

Here is the video (via YouTube user BbaBbaDyaYaaaaa). It starts at 1:35. Watch it quick, before somebody removes it.


The above video has been removed, and Rainbow’s Wikipedia entry has been re-edited, and Jae-kyung’s biographical information has again been removed. I’ll ask it again: Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?

January 23, 2010

Lee Byung-hun grilled by police from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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(If you don’t know who Lee Byung-hun is, or what the brouhaha swirling around him is all about, then read this previous post.)

Mr. Lee responded to a summons by prosecutors and was interrogated from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Even though it’s no longer illegal to lure a woman to bed with false promises of marriage, it can still get you into trouble. Hope the sex was dynamite, Mr. Lee.

Motorbikers steal 100 million won from armored truck workers

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When I wrote this post on motorbike posses, some people ridiculed my idea that these groups could evolve from mere nuisances to something more serious, probably because they couldn’t look past appearances (e.g. their little 100cc motor bikes). Well, they were wrong and I was right.

Close to 100 million won ($87,070) in cash was stolen from employees operating an armored truck yesterday in southern Seoul.

Two robbers on a motorbike snatched a money bag from the hands of an employee who was getting ready to fill an ATM machine with cash in front of the Gyeongbu line waiting area at Seoul Express Bus Terminal in Jamwon-dong, southern Seoul, yesterday morning, police said.

And here’s a robbery FAIL.

In August, a man identified as Ahn, 36, confessed to driving off with an armored truck in July with 450 million won inside. Ahn got into a car accident after stealing the truck.

January 22, 2010

Has BoA given up on her American debut?

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Recently, BoA has been releasing songs, such as BUMP BUMP!, Possibility, and This Is Who I Am, from an upcoming Japanese album, onto the Internet. Now the tracklist and release date (February 10th) for that album, Identity, have been released. Does this mean that BoA has given up on her American debut? Her twitter account has been inactive since early November, 2009, and even those tweets have been about SM Entertainment’s global auditions. I guess SM Ent. is looking for some fresh meat to throw to the wolves talented people who want to be performers.

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