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January 24, 2010

Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?

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A little while ago, Park Jin-young (a.k.a. JYP, CEO of JYP Entertainment) appeared on an entertainment show. A member of the group Rainbow did a “sexy dance” and Park’s expression was like that of Homer Simpson when he sees a donut.

However, after seeing this video, nothing that man does surprises me anymore, not even this picture or the ones below.

I was curious as to what some of the comments would be like.

omg. jyp is a perv.

JYP’s expression.. such a perv.

Park Jin Young looks creepy and dirty in that video =S

shes a former JYP Entertainment trainee. bet he wishes he wouldve kept her now…

JYP is such a perv and the other guys as well!!!

he looks like a greasy old man looking at a sexy dancing chic.

For that moment i felt that JYP is a dirty old man

JYP really like those sexy young girls

Wait a minute, say what? Was he drooling over one of his own ex-trainees? I went to Rainbow’s wikipedia page and found this:

Jae Kyung

* Full Name: Kim Jae Kyung (김재경)
* Date of Birth: December 24, 1988 (1988-12-24) (age 21)
o Appeared in A’ST1’s “Dynamite” music video.
o Appeared in SS501’s “Love Like This” music video.
o Former JYP Entertainment trainee.

Then I saved the draft of this post, and published some other posts. When I returned to this post and tried the video, I found this:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by KBSi.

Then when I returned to Rainbow’s wikipedia page, all of the information that I quoted above had been removed, Stalin-style, though you can still see it here at this cache.

Fortunately, the info still exists, at least for now, at a soompi thread, an asianfanatics thread, an indowebster thread (you have to “un-hide” her full profile by clicking on the toggle), and Rainbow’s Facebook page (you have to click on “read more”). Here is one in French, if you can read that:

Nom Kim Jae Kyung [Rainbow]
Nom réel / alternatif 김재경 / Kim Jae Gyeong
Nationalité Coréenne
Date de naissance 24/12/1988
Age 21 ans
Statut en activité
Début 2009
Genre(s) K-pop
Label musical DSP Media


Nom : Kim Jaekyung (김재경)
Date de naissance : 24 décembre 1988 Groupe : Rainbow
Rôle : Leader
Poids et taille : 168cm / 45kg
Education : Dongduk Women’s University
Paru dans : “Love like This” & ” A Song Calling For You” de SS501
Ancienne Stagiaire de JYP Entertainment
Cyworld/Blog : http://cyworld.com/my-name-jaekyung
Fansite/s : http://cafe.daum.net/manchunha

I’ve searched for the video on YouTube, but since then, almost all copies of it have been deleted (examples here, here, and here). So the question in my mind is: Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?

I’d like to point out that teachers are under scrutiny because they are authority figures under whose care children are placed. Well, there are many young people who train for hours each day, for years on end, in the JYP Entertainment academy (as well as those of YG, SM, and DSP Entertainment, among others). These kids probably have more respect for him than they do for their own teachers since he can make them stars and their teachers can’t. Just saying.

Here is the video (via YouTube user BbaBbaDyaYaaaaa). It starts at 1:35. Watch it quick, before somebody removes it.


The above video has been removed, and Rainbow’s Wikipedia entry has been re-edited, and Jae-kyung’s biographical information has again been removed. I’ll ask it again: Is someone protecting Park Jin-young?


  1. […] And yes, its the same song and choreography that Jae Kyung of Rainbow performed when JYP drooled over her. […]

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  2. i wont remove that video.. yet i wont let anybody remove it..

    though i would appreciate it if u credit it…..
    thnk u


    Comment by KamKami — January 31, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

    • I’ve provided a link to your YouTube channel.

      Comment by extrakorea — February 1, 2010 @ 2:21 am

  3. […] An example from this article would be chongsoon-glaemor (청순글래머), or “Innocent Glamor,” which at first glance doesn’t seem all that bad: the ice-skater Kim Yuna (김연아) below for instance, would be considered both pure and innocent and glamorous by most Koreans, and that’s certainly the image she presents in television commercials (I wonder if she’ll find her innocent image stifling as she grows older however, like actress Moon Geun-young?). But it emerges that “sexy” would be a much better translation of the English word “glamor(ous),” and although I’m sure readers are aware of the number of ways  in which women are presented as innocent and pure but somehow also lustful in Western popular culture, and are effectively are in Korean, there are still problems with assuming that that is what the term means, as the word “sexy” isn’t construed quite the same way here. Instead, we seem to left with a term simply meaning more virginal than normal looking Korean women that still do the mechanical “sexy dances” virtually required of them on Korean talk shows. […]

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  4. Please keep in mind that the nature of Wikipedia means that most entries can be freely edited. Furthermore, without resorting to a cache of the page elsewhere, you can always go through the page history to see what content was changed, when, and by whom.

    The missing information on the current and past members of Rainbow has been restored and the user who had removed it has apparently been banned from making any further edits to Wikipedia entries.

    Comment by JS — February 13, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

  5. […] that this kind of thing seems to be becoming the norm. Why doesn’t anybody take the likes of Park Jin-young or Lee Soo-man, of JYP and SM Entertainment, respectively, to task? Denial isn’t just a river […]

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  6. Thank you for posting this. I remember looking up JYP’s stuff on Korean websites and read one blogger’s entry about how he crticized JYP’s music and his plagiarism and actually got an official email from JYP entertainment. So my guess is that JYP has close ties with the media/news/journalists or whatever, and can absolutely control the kind of information that is publicized about him. His nasty divorce was never really fully covered in the media though he’d been married for like 10 years and he basically told her over the phone that he’s divorcing her. How disgusting is that???? And considering that the clip of the above show aired not long after the divorce, I’m truly truly disgusted and revolted at this sorry excuse for a human being.

    Comment by name here — September 4, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

  7. euw i hate when jyp do thi :S 😦 :{

    Comment by Dellisa John — January 10, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

  8. euw the rainbow member is so 😦 =(

    Comment by Dellisa John — January 10, 2011 @ 12:24 pm

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