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January 21, 2010

(Updated) Video of one of Green Day’s “craziest fans” kissing member on stage

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At K-Pop shows like Music Bank and Inkigayo (“Popular Song”), Korean fans are, literally, given a script to follow, which tells them what to chant when. At the recent Green Day concert, however, there was no script, and one fan in particular did the unexpected after she and about a dozen other fans were invited up onto the stage to sing along.

The teenage girl, who was among them, approached Armstrong, who was sitting down and playing the guitar, suddenly knelt down, embraced him and kissed him for what observers timed were eight seconds. Armstrong was visibly surprised but did not resist.

They timed it? If you want to, you can time it yourself while watching the video (it starts around 0:35).

Armstrong, impressed by the passionate reaction, shouted during the concert, “You’re the craziest fans I’ve ever seen in my life!”

I’m sure he’s said that to many audiences, not that the one in Korea wasn’t appreciated. And regarding the girl, I think he was professional. He’s not going to brush off a fan, but he did extricate himself fairly quickly and got back to the business of playing. And he encouraged her to take a stage dive, which was fun for her and got her out of his hair. Here she is again, though I think this actually took place shortly before the video above.

Here is some more footage:


Notice how the audience know the words to the lyrics of Basket Case:

In this comments section, someone named incognito84 wrote:

I was there, she is a high school student. I think she took off afterwards. Anyway, some Koreans are trying to turn this into a “famous foreigners going after Korean high school girls” news story but this? video clearly proves it wrong. However, considering what passes for news around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone bought into the lie and ignored the video! …

I hope that isn’t the case, and the Chosun Ilbo (at least in the English-language articles that I linked to above) did not do that at all.

In the last month-and-a-half, Guns N’ Roses, Muse, and Green Day have come to Korea. You can tell from that, and the enthusiasm of the fans that you can see in the videos above, that there is a real hunger for rock here. Despite the fact that the big music companies (JYP/SM/YG/DSP Entertainment, Mnet) work hand-in-hand with the major television stations (SBS, KBS, and MBC, who produce the TV shows Inki-gayo, Music Bank, and Music Core, respectively) to do everything they can to kill rock, it still manages to find its audience. Here is Metallica playing in Seoul in 2006. Notice: a. how many people there are, b. that they recognize the song as soon as the riff begins to be played, c. how enthusiastic they are, particularly at 1:05 when beverages start flying, and d. that the people in the audience are not in their 30s and 40s but young.

With the critical and commercial success of Death Magnetic, does that mean that Metallica might soon return to Korea? Let’s hope so.

Even some music idols are rock fans. Seo Tai-ji began as a bass player in a rock band. In an interview, Yoobin (Yubin) of the Wonder Girls said that she likes rock and that her favorite band is Muse. And when Jewelry broke up (temporarily) Park Jung-ah released a solo album in 2006 which was much more rock-oriented than Jewelry. Listen to the title track, Yeah.

So why are they in pop-tart groups? Because in Korea, there is no other route to fame. Now that Park Jung-ah has left Jewelry, hopefully she’ll release more rock albums (because Yeah was good).


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