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January 21, 2010

Reporter has difficulty not laughing while reporting “Go home, make babies” news

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As Brian in Jeollanam-do reported earlier, South Korean bureaucrats are being told to go home early so that they can make more babies, for the good of the nation (“Just lie back and think of England Korea.”).

The BBC reported on this, and during the video segment, the reporter has difficulty not laughing while reporting this news (see 0:40 of the video). And at 1:05, 1:25, and 1:55 he’s visibly trying really hard to keep a straight face.

Boosting the number of newborn children is a priority for the government, which is staring into the abyss of a rapidly ageing society, falling levels of manpower and spiralling health care costs.

The Ministry of Health, now sometimes jokingly referred to as the Ministry of Matchmaking, is in charge of spearheading this drive, and it clearly believes its staff should lead by example.

Generous gift vouchers are on offer for officials who have more than one child, and the department organises social gatherings in the hope of fostering love amongst its bureaucrats.

But critics say what is really needed is widescale reform to tackle the burdensome cost of childcare and education that puts many young people off starting a family.

Be sure to check out the comments below the article. Korea Times, this is what a comment board should look like.


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