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January 17, 2010

Kang Ki-kap “not guilty” and Grand National Party is not happy

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You might recall that five lawmakers were indicted for misconduct at the National Assembly during a brawl there (one of many, actually).

The court has reached its decision.

Rep. Moon Hak-jin of the Democratic Party and DLP Rep. Lee Jung-hee were slapped with fines – 2 million won ($1,779) and 500,000 won, respectively – after being indicted last year for damaging public property.

Moon broke the door of the Assembly’s trade committee chamber with a sledgehammer to block GNP lawmakers from introducing a motion to ratify the free trade accord with the United States in December 2008. Lee broke nameplates of the GNP lawmakers at the committee chamber on the same day.

However, Kang Ki-kap (Triple K, the King of Hardcore) was acquitted, and the ruling Grand National Party is not happy with this.

Kang burst into the office of Park Kye-dong, the National Assembly’s secretary general, and stormed through the office, flipping tables and chairs. Kang also tried to enter the office of Speaker Kim Hyung-o.

Here are pictures of the peace-loving Kang performing the actions described above.

So why did the judge excuse them?

The court yesterday ruled that while there may have been some violent acts, it didn’t qualify as obstruction because Park was only reading a newspaper at the time.

Yeah, you can see the paper in one of the pictures above. Doesn’t keeping up-to-date on the news count as some of the work that a lawmaker should be doing?

“The accused at the time was not in control of his emotions,” said the judge Lee Dong-yeon.[1] “It’s difficult to establish that the accused had the intention to inflict harm.[2] Also, his yelling and kicking at doors can be seen as his act to represent his party’s stance.”[3]

(Numbers are mine.)

1. If Kang can’t control his emotions, then he should be in a mental institution, or at least not be part of his country’s government.

2. With so many people holding him back, it would have been difficult for Kang to inflict harm even if he intended it. His actions were violent and destructive to public property. Someone who does that ought to be punished, especially if they’re supposed to be part of the government itself.

3. What the heck is this even supposed to mean?!

Here’s another picture of Kang destroying public property.

Here he is attacking riot police.

More violence from Kang


  1. I think political theatre is the best way to describe Mr. Kang’s actions and a multitude of Koreans who act in a similar fashion.

    Comment by Douglas — January 18, 2010 @ 12:07 am

  2. this is some crouching tiger hidden dragon politics

    Comment by matthew — January 18, 2010 @ 12:21 am

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  5. We could use some of that scenes in my country…XD

    Comment by Vince — February 1, 2011 @ 10:06 pm

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