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January 4, 2010

Professor becomes public nuisance after being caught riding without a ticket

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If you’ve ever wondered why Korean universities don’t rank in the world’s top 50, perhaps this story might shed some light.
A professor was caught riding the subway without a ticket by an official. Having lost face, she decided to retaliate by becoming the subway officials’ #1 public nuisance.

“Frankly, at first, part of my motivation was revenge.”

[ snip ]

When she shows up, the whole employees at the Apgujeong subway station shudder. And it has been that way for the last six years.

[ snip ]

It has become her habit. Since then, she has filed 499 complaints against the state-owned Seoul Metro, pointing out various problems, including improper ventilation, trains arriving not on time.

When a complaint is made, the chief official of the subway station which the complaint was directed to, has to write a report to the regional head office, which then refers it to the headquarters. A reply, approved by the head office, has to be composed and has to be posted on the Seoul Metro web site. The complaint records are used to assess the job performance of the subway employees at the station.

Kim has become a pain in the neck for the local subway station officials. When she showed up at 6:30 a.m. every morning at the Apgujeong station near her home, they got nervous. She might complain that you’re not standing in a proper position where you’re supposed to be, or notice that you’re using your mobile phone during work hours.

“The subway workers here have developed nervous breakdown because of her,” said Kim Seong-mo, the chief official at the Apgujeong station. Last Autumn, he proposed a meeting with Kim to placate her. It was rejected.

These days, she composes two or three complaint letters every week.

“Every day, we deal with 100,000 people who use our station. We’re very busy all the time even without her. But now, the first thing we do every morning is to check our computer to see whether there is any new complaint from her,” he said.

Finally, after complaining about her, officials were able to make her stop. End of story, right? Not quite.

She switched her letters’ destination and now directs her complaints to another government web site at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which manages railway transportation.

This would be childish behavior from an 8-year-old. She’s a professor?! Where does she get the free time? Doesn’t she have things to do, like … teach? Unbelievable immaturity from a so-called “educator.”

(Hat Tip to tzechuk)

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