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December 6, 2009

Kim Yu-na ekes out victory at Grand Prix, falls to 2nd in world rankings

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At the Grand Prix competition, Kim Yu-na finished in second place after the short program (KBS World, Korea Times, Chosun Ilbo). She was, however, able to establish enough of a lead after the free skate to take the title (KBS World, Korea Times).

In second place was Japan’s Miki Ando. She’s the 2007 world champion, the only woman to ever successfully complete a quadruple jump in competition, and came in third at the last world championship, behind Canada’s Joannie Rochette and You-Know-Who. She’s been suffering from inconsistency (possibly from injuries?), but if she can get back onto her game, she could easily become Kim’s biggest rival for the gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Speaking of rivals, do you remember Mao Asada? She won this competition last year, but didn’t even qualify this year. She’ll have to fight just to go to the Olympics.

Despite her recent victories, she is ranked only second in the world rankings. Who is in first? Carolina Kostner. I’m not a huge expert on figure skating, but I figured that someone who’s won world championships and set world records would outrank someone who hasn’t.

By the way, do you remember how her former coach and former doctor described what she eats these days?

For breakfast the world champion has a proper meal of steamed rice and soup, whereas red fruits like strawberries, tomatoes, cherries and protein-rich vegetables such as beans, tofu and soy milk are main items for lunch and dinner.


Kim avoids meat during skating season, getting her protein from fish and vegetables, since although animal protein is effective in enhancing muscular strength, it may weaken muscular endurance.

At the Skate America competition, Kim talked about her diet.

Standing 164 cm tall and weighing 47-48 kg with a body fat ratio of just 10 percent, there is no special dietary regime she sticks to. Kim has Korean food prepared by her mother for breakfast, and salad or fruit, bread and soy milk for lunch at the ice rink where she practices.

For dinner, Kim usually eats fruit and cereal. “It’s in no way a miserable menu. There are people who pity me because they think I don’t eat well. But I do eat everything that I want, really,” she said. “But because I exercise a lot, when I go home after practice, I’m always hungry when it’s about time to go to bed.”

Ten percent body fat? Don’t women stop menstruating when their percentage body fat is that low?


  1. And all those reports on what she eats are wrong.

    In an interview after the GPF, she said she follows a healthy diet during the week, but eats whatever she wants on the weekends.

    Comment by chill — December 12, 2009 @ 11:01 pm

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