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October 21, 2009

Super Junior’s Kang In confesses to drunk driving, hit-and-run

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Remember Super Junior’s Kang In? After being caught on tape participating in a bar brawl last month, he more recently drove under the influence of alcohol, during which he committed a hit-and-runs on two taxis. He turned himself in at the police station, where he confessed.
Some netizens have called for him to be kicked out of the group. Other netizens have come to his defense, though.
It’s interesting to contrast this with the incident regarding 2PM’s Jae-beom. Jae-beom was run out of Korea by a torches-and-pitchforks Internet mob for writing some rude comments four years ago. On the other hand, this guy has been caught red-handed committing three serious offenses: drunk driving, hit-and-run, and assault. And it looks like he’ll get off more lightly (by the public) than Jae-beom.

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  1. However, he shows to be a responsible person, by coming back to the police station…I believe that many of us won’t do the same if we were in like this situation….
    I open up my mind, and I hope for the others to do the same, that we never know what or how Kangin feel, until we put ourselves in his position….
    Don’t look down, Kangin….but, look up to face the brighter days, better than yesterday…
    Believe Kangin! Forever 13 (+2) !

    Comment by Elvish — October 21, 2009 @ 6:22 pm

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