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August 3, 2009

Filipinas are good enough for sex, but not good enough to have children with?

Thanks to this translation from Korea Beat, we have the Quote of the Week:

23-year old Rose, a Filipina who married [a Korean man] one year ago, was thrown out of her husband’s home after becoming pregnant at the beginning of this year because he does not like people from The Phillippines.

She revealed her pregnancy and asked for help, but her husband assaulted her and she received a cold reception from her in-laws.

[Rose (pseudonym)/marriage immigrant: I cried a lot. I want to go to The Pillippines. My baby with no father….]

(emphasis mine)

Did I read that right? He married a Filipina, but doesn’t like people from the Philippines? Why did he marry her? To just have sex? That seems to be the explanation, since he threw her out after she got pregnant.

It’s too barbaric to describe in words.


  1. […] migrant-related news, one Filipino bride was assaulted by her husband and thrown out of their home for becoming pregnant (by him), and also a large number of mixed-race children are withdrawing from school once they […]

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  2. While I hate instigating hatred between Koreans and Filipinos, the behavior of the said Male Korean above almost actually proves how stereotypically idiots Koreans can be.

    As I dwell around K-Wave and everything about Korea, I’ve been discovering its dark, gloomy side that would really end up disgusting and unbearable.

    My mom is right. Koreans think they are the best but they’re just plain dimwitted in most aspects. I’ve seeing their twisted logic in every aspect of society. Kpop english is one of the very representations how twisted Korean logic can be. Second is their standard for beauty…. since when anorexically skinny biotches became goddess quality? If they regard SNSD’s Yoona as “Goddess”, people outside Korea regard her as worse than an exploited teen. Am I offending SONEs? So What? Third, the way how their represent women and Fourth, their means of handling business…and not only illogical but INHUMAN AS WELL.

    I am a Filipina. Patriarchal stuff also runs throughout the Philippines, and despite the harshness suffered by Filipinas, our men treats women with respect—-though this doesn’t apply to most Filipino men since some could be chauvinist pig. I felt sorry for Rose’s fate after being thrown out by her husband. That “gook” don’t like Filipinos? Then why marry her? I guess he should check himself to mental assylum or psychiatric facility. He’s suffering of psychological/mental lapses worse than a kid suffering from autism.

    Pun intended… “Gook” guys don’t like “Flip” women? Why should we care? We don’t like shawtydickeya*holes in da first place. Racism much? You guys deserve it. Your racism has gone far that you don’t even spare babies like in the case of Tiger JK.

    Comment by RoxyIsFerox — February 26, 2010 @ 9:32 am

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