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July 17, 2009

Is North Korea facing its worst crisis since 1994?

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According to a the Korea Development Institute, as quoted by Yonhap News, North Korea is facing its worst crisis since 1994. It says that the North doesn’t have enough food to feed its people and that its economy is expected to contract in the second part of this year.
But hasn’t that been the case for some while?

Transgender Transsexual Enters Beauty Contest

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According to the Korea Herald and Times, a young transgender transsexual has entered a beauty contest. Twenty-three-year-old Choi Han-bit entered the 2009 Super Model Contest and has passed the preliminary round. If she passes the next round on July 28, she will become Korea’s first transgender transsexual supermodel. Since she has legally changed her sex to female, she has broken no contest rules, but she is not without her critics.

Some netizens argued that “unnatural women” cannot be included in a beauty contest.

So what about those women who’ve had plastic surgery on their eyes, jaws, noses, etc.?

I think she looks cute in her picture from the Times. Personally, I don’t think we should discriminate against transgenders transsexuals.


The Chosun Ilbo has more.

Drunk high-school teachers have a fistfight … in front of their students

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Two apparently drunk high-school teachers had a fistfight … in front of their school’s gates, in full view of their shocked students. According to the article, the fight started over an argument over marking final exams. The two will, allegedly, face disciplinary measures. Let’s wait and see what kind of slap on the wrist they receive.

The teachers were Korean, so expect Anti-English Spectrum to pretend this never happened.

July 16, 2009

Keep it in your pants until the divorce is final

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A man and his lover have received jail sentences of four months for having sexual relations during the man’s divorce proceedings. (In Korea, adultery is a crime.)

“The suspension period is regarded as part of their marriage, meaning Kim’s sexual relations during that period constitutes adultery,” the court said.

In South Korea, adulterous relations are considered a criminal act and those found guilty can receive jail sentences of up to two years.

Phony “Immigration Officer” Extorted Money from Illegal Immigrants

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A man posing as an immigration officer has been arrested for extorting money from immigrant workers who had overstayed their visas. He had a fake immigration officer’s ID card and handcuffs.

Korean on-line tutors can earn millions (of dollars, not won)

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This video from Reuters describes how some on-line tutors can earn “at least four million dollars a year.” Note that these are all Koreans. No foreigners, as far as I know, earn anywhere near that kind of money.

(Hat Tip to flakfizer)


Brian in Jeollanam-do has more.

July 14, 2009

Safety standards? Safety schmandards! Those evil Canadians

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The Canadian government has forced Lotte Confectionery and Crown Confectionery to recall some of their cookies and biscuits.

Enterobacter sakazakii, which was found in the Maeil powered milk, has been red-flagged by health experts as it could cause meningitis or severe gut infections in newborns. The health risks are greater for infants less than a month old or weighing less than 2.5 kilograms.

[ snip ]

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a warning that people with allergies to milk, eggs, or tree nuts should not consume various snack foods from the Korean companies Crown, Lotte and Surasang. The 10 items include popular products such as Lotte’s Pepero biscuits and Crown’s Sando Choco and Couque Dasse cookies, which contain allergens that weren’t declared on the labels.

Of particular interest is the accompanying illustration, a blond man with a miniature Canadian flag on his jacket arrogantly pushing away beloved Korean products. Those evil Canadians. Safety standards? Safety schmandards. Don’t you people know that our snacks are well-being?

Survey suggests 40% of female college students want plastic surgery during their vacations

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In a recent survey of 921 male and female college students, 40% of the females and 19% of the males said that they want to have cosmetic surgery during their summer vacations.

Male entertainers may also suffer sexual harassment

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With the arrest of Kim Sung-hoon, the investigation into the suicide of actress Jang Ja-yeon, supposedly brought on by violent sexual coercion, is moving forward.

The police said one of Jang’s former colleagues who also worked for Kim’s agency told police on Wednesday that she witnessed Kim coercing Jang into serving drinks.

Kim was detained on Monday on charges of physically assaulting Jang, embezzling money she earned from her performances, threatening her and her friends and fleeing in a separate case involving the alleged sexual harassment of a male model last year.

(emphasis mine)

So it looks like male entertainers can also suffer from sexual harassment.

Canadian wins $160,000 at casino. “Poker crime ring” members tearing their hair out

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According to the Korea Herald and Times, a young Canadian man has won 190 million won (about $160,000) at the Seven Luck casino.

The foreigners who were arrested for playing poker at home and labeled “a gambling crime ring” by the Korean media must be tearing their hair out.

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