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July 28, 2009

President Brian, please outlaw Sexy Dance/Michael Jackson tribute combos

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Brian in Jeollanam-do has promised, if elected president, to outlaw sexy dances. I’m going to hold him to that, in light of this Sexy Dance/Michael Jackson tribute combination. Isn’t it a little late for this? 2NE1 did a tribute to him soon after he died, about a month ago. The girl spotlighted in the video is Hyun-ah, who, until illness forced her to leave, was a member of the Wonder Girls, a fact that’s been promoted hard. Even though she’s underage (turned 17 years old recently, according to this profile*), her handlers have been tarting her up, with bare midriffs, etc. In this video, her getup and hip-shaking makes her look like a girl at Yongsan’s hooker district.** She blinks so much that it looks like she has a tic in her eye, and she sings in a nasal, chipmunk voice. I guess she, or her trainers, are going for aegyo. It may be working, though. Jokwon of 2AM*** recently described her as his “ideal” woman.
Since I’ve wandered onto this topic, I think that Hyun-ah’s group, 4Minute, has been really cribbing the style (big sunglasses, bright colors, leggings, etc.) of 2NE1, a group that I actually like. A lot. Stop laughing, I’m serious. I’ll get into details in a later blog entry.

* Almost all information about her has been edited out of Wikipedia’s entry on the Wonder Girls. Strange. Very Joseph Stalin-esque.

** Soon to be torn down

*** No, I don’t know who he is either. No, I don’t care who he is either.


  1. If elected I will crackdown on rap and sexy dances. One of the main points on my platform is requiring pop stars to apply for a ppermit to use English, Engrish, or any approximate in their songs.

    Comment by Brian — July 28, 2009 @ 8:24 am

  2. […] moves”, mandatory for young women in K-pop and the Korean media, actually don’t do it for us at all. Instead, they merely […]

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