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July 23, 2009

(Updated) Calling Dick Tracy. Calling Dick Tracy. Your watch phone is now half-price

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Both Samsung and LG are planning to start selling watch phones later this summer in Europe. American releases may follow. Samsung’s phone is about half the price of LG’s, but lacks some features, such as video calling.
These phones have not been scheduled to be released in Korea as of this time, which is yet more evidence that the multinational conglomerates such as Samsung screw over the consumers in their home country.


Somebody at the Korea Times is channeling me:

Closed Mobile Market Frustrates Consumers

South Korea is allegedly the mobile-phone capital of the world and local telecommunications companies claim credit as its main architects. Consumers, on the other hand, grumble about being locked in a high-tech hermit kingdom.

In the age of “app stores,” mobile e-mails and “tweets,” Korean wireless users are still basically stuck in a phase of text-messaging despite owning among the most expensive pieces of hardware on the planet.

[ snip ]

No, you can’t access the Internet from your phone without going through our excuse for a mobile Web portal. And remember, an hour of online news reading will cost you roughly the price of a pair of tennis shoes.

By the way, we just scrapped the Wi-Fi functions on your new 800,000 won (about $630) Samsung smartphone because free Internet can’t be that good, can it? And no, we don’t intend to make it easier for you to use that shiny handset sold by our rival carrier, although technically, it would only require the switching of universal subscriber identity module (USIM) cards.

“Korea is often mentioned as an IT powerhouse, but those who know better, like early adaptors or power users, would say that the country represents nothing but one of the most closed mobile markets in the world,” said Jang Jeong-woo, the creator of the popular tech blog, IT Gadget Impression (www.alonecrow.com).

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  1. When the price comes down to something I’d be willing to pay for, I’ll sport my phone on my wrist for sure, just like I did my calculator back in the 3rd grade.

    Comment by Alex — July 23, 2009 @ 2:42 am

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