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July 22, 2009

BoA interview and new video on Entertainment Weekly

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Via the Korea Times comes this Entertainment Weekly interview with, and new video of, BoA.
The video looks and sounds great. Though I was taken aback when I first saw it, I’m loving her new look (jeweled “tattoo” and braided hair on one side of her head). And did I see an Elvisesque sneer?

BoA: Well, I went to Atlanta last year and recorded “I Did It For Love” with Sean Garett [the man behind hits for Beyonce, Usher, Ciara, and Chris Brown] and one more song is coming out for my repackaged album released in September — it’s the same as the first album but with added new songs. I also have one with Flo Rida, he was featured in my “Eat You Up” song.

So she’s releasing a repackaged album, which will be the same as the original one but with additional songs. Hmm, I wonder how the people who bought the original album will feel.

BoA: [ snip ] But I don’t have car in L.A., so it’s pretty hard to go anywhere. I tried to get my driver’s license but I failed — I didn’t study well. I didn’t know that the test was so hard. Actually, I failed twice last year, but don’t tell anyone!

We won’t tell anyone … except for the thousands who read this interview.

EW: Do you feel like you will have success in the U.S.?
BoA: Hopefully, that’s why I’m here. If it’s not going that way, I think I got a lot of good stuff from relationships, met other producers, doing choreography with really great dancers. If it goes well, I’ll be happy, but I don’t care.

That’s a good attitude to have, since the U.S. is a tough market. How many artists these days get the million sales necessary for platinum certification? Not many. The best-selling album of 2008 was merely 3-times-platinum. With illegal downloading, CD sales and legal downloads are way down, and artists make the majority of their money from concert tickets, merchandise sales, and commercial endorsements. I’m sure she’s trying her best; she didn’t become a huge success in Japan without hard work. But if things don’t pan out as planned, I’m glad to hear that she won’t be jumping off a bridge. Reading the article, I remembered that she released her album in March, only four months ago, and yet people are already writing her off as a failure. At least she’s released an English album, unlike Rain (who canceled his concerts and had to settle out of court after being sued for such) and Se7en, who released only one single before being shipped back to Korea. Park Jin-young (JYP), on the other hand, literally invested everything he had in Korea, including his house, to finance his attempt to be successful in the American music industry. If you’d like to see what he bought with all of that money, look here.

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