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July 14, 2009

Safety standards? Safety schmandards! Those evil Canadians

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The Canadian government has forced Lotte Confectionery and Crown Confectionery to recall some of their cookies and biscuits.

Enterobacter sakazakii, which was found in the Maeil powered milk, has been red-flagged by health experts as it could cause meningitis or severe gut infections in newborns. The health risks are greater for infants less than a month old or weighing less than 2.5 kilograms.

[ snip ]

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a warning that people with allergies to milk, eggs, or tree nuts should not consume various snack foods from the Korean companies Crown, Lotte and Surasang. The 10 items include popular products such as Lotte’s Pepero biscuits and Crown’s Sando Choco and Couque Dasse cookies, which contain allergens that weren’t declared on the labels.

Of particular interest is the accompanying illustration, a blond man with a miniature Canadian flag on his jacket arrogantly pushing away beloved Korean products. Those evil Canadians. Safety standards? Safety schmandards. Don’t you people know that our snacks are well-being?


  1. You’d think that a reporter would want the public to know the complete list of the recalled products, right?

    Comment by Teadrinker — July 20, 2009 @ 5:17 am

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  3. There are two rather different issues and they are being sloppily thrown together in the same article. The first one is the bacteria in the formula, a Korean product sold in Korea, discovered by Korean authorities.

    The second one is a routine allergy listing issue, where (I am presuming) Canadian labeling is as thorough as those in America. Frankly, as someone who’s lactose intolerant, I’m glad they’re making the dairy products more obvious, but it is a new thing in America that they do this. Unlike the bacteria-laden formula, this is not a defective product but inadequate product labeling which is easily fixed.

    These two stories really should not have been in the same article. Very sloppy reporting on the part of the KT. I’m sure Korean media watch will be all over this story.

    Comment by kushibo — July 26, 2009 @ 11:55 pm

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