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July 7, 2009

Survey suggests at least 19% of female entertainers forced to have sex

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Both the Hankyoreh and the Korea Times have written about the results of a poll that suggest that at least 19% of female entertainers are forced to have sex.

The results are based on 183 respondents out of nearly 2,000 entertainers who were asked to take part in the survey _ the remainder declined to answer.

Only 183 out of 2,000 answered?! I wonder why the other 1,817 refused to answer.

Of the 183, 19.1 percent said they were either forced to have sex with influential figures or witnessed their colleagues being coerced to do so.

Meanwhile, 34.4 percent, 63 respondents said they “were urged to participate in a business banquet to provide personal entertainment for an entertainment executive or broadcast official.

It sounds like about 19% were forced to have sex, and about 34% were forced to pour drinks, etc. And that’s from the 183 who responded. I wonder what the other 1,817 who remained silent would have said had they answered.

In the section of the survey asking who were the initiators, the respondents named approximately 10 persons who work as producers and senior officials in broadcasting companies, scenario writers, businessmen and politicians. The union, however, is not disclosing any names.

According to the union, the respondents gave the names of producers and executives of TV stations, writers, politicians, and business and entertainment heavyweights who were involved, but it refused to make them public.


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