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July 7, 2009

Miniskirts are an eyesore?! Stop being a killjoy

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According to a recent poll, miniskirts were cited as being the workplace’s biggest eyesore.

In the survey of 1,254 workers, about 74 percent said they felt upset with their co-workers’ attire. Around 56 percent of them cited micro-miniskirts, or a skirt eight to 10 inches above the knee, as their chief complaint.

Shirts showing cleavage, low-rise pants that reveal underwear when bending over, “killer heels” that exceed 10 centimeters, or outfits that are too flashy were others offered in reference to females.

And here’s more evidence that the Times needs to proofread their translations better.

Wearing colorful underwear underneath a white shirt, slippers or sandals and sleeveless clothes to work all raised the frowns of co-workers, the survey said.

I’m pretty sure they mean “undershirts” instead of “underwear.”

But few dare to mention their qualms those who commit a work apparel faux pas.


About 58.2 percent said they just tolerate it, while 18.5 percent said they talk about it behind the person’s back. Only 12.5 percent shared their feelings with the individuals concerned, the survey added.

That 12.5 percent need to stop pooping all over our party.


  1. This article is useless without pictures.

    Comment by Chae — July 7, 2009 @ 10:55 pm

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