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June 7, 2009

Terrified teacher calls the cops on students

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A teacher called the police after her students frightened her by, among other things, throwing erasers and writing instruments at her. She recorder their behavior on her cell-phone camera. So what did the students have to say for themselves?

[T]he students stated during the police investigation that the instructor was too severe, and unlike other teachers her teaching was difficult to follow. They also said the teacher “acted strangely,” often yelling at students who expressed discontent about the way she taught.

Her students were out-of-control and violently abusive towards her, and yet she was “too severe”? Was her teaching really “difficult to follow,” or were the students just stupid? And even if she doesn’t teach with crystal-clear clarity, is that any kind of excuse for their behavior? Finally, a teacher should try to refrain from yelling at students, but teachers are human beings, and if students are being disrespectful, we can’t expect them to always behave like saints. Anyway, they’re just kids, so surely their parents must be more mature and reasonable, right?

Some parents of the students filed a counter petition with the education office, demanding the office investigate the case and direct the teacher to drop her complaint against the students.

Welcome to Korea, the land of “No, it’s your fault!” Young Koreans are becoming more and more disrespectful, and the responsibility lies with parents who neglect to raise their kids properly. I don’t think I’ll want to be teaching in Korea when this generation grows up.

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