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June 5, 2009

Chili pepper powder not good for losing weight because …

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According to two chief nutritionists, one at a medical center and the other at one of Korea’s most respected universities, chili pepper powder, in and of itself, may be good for losing weight. However, most restaurants add a lot of sugar to the powder when making their sauce. Also, the spicier the food, the more rice you may want to eat.

Kim Hyung-mee, chief nutritionist at Severance Hospital, said, “It’s true that the capsaicin in powdered chili has a lipolytic function. But most restaurants put the same amount of sugar as powdered chili in the food to give it both a hot and sweet taste, so people who have to watch their sugar or calorie intake should be extra careful.”

Asan Medical Center chief nutritionist Kang Eun-hee said, “The more spicy or salt food you eat, the more rice you will eventually crave, and that could threaten your health as you take in excessive sugar and high calories from rice. Therefore eating spicy or salty food is not so helpful to dieting.”

It should be noted that Koreans often use the word “dieting” when they ought to say “losing weight.” (For example: “What’s a good way to diet?” // “Skipping rope.”)

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