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April 26, 2009

Newspaper exec named in Jang Ja-yeon’s list cleared of charges

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The newspaper executive who was publicly named by two lawmakers and an Internet-based newspaper, Surprise, has been cleared of charges by the police, at least until they are able to take Kim Sung-hoon, the head of Jang’s management company, into custody and interrogate him.
This seems to rest upon, among other things, an alibi based upon one of the executive’s scheduled meeting. Just because he had a meeting scheduled doesn’t mean that he attended it, or attended it on time. Anyone who lives and works in Korea knows that higher-ups have carte blanche to be tardy, reschedule things, leave early, and even to cancel.

The Hankyoreh also has a cartoon in which a police officer buries the Jang Ja-yeon list in a grave while shadowy figures watch him to make sure that he does it to their satisfaction.

The Jang Ja-yeon list has made its way onto the Internet, and though the Korean government has tried to chase it out of cyberspace, I think (and hope) that they will fail. That way, the list will never be buried.

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