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April 2, 2009

Kim Yu-na may attend University of Toronto, not Korea University

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Newly-crowned world figure skating champion Kim Yu-na may attend the University of Toronto, and not Korea University.

[Korea University] published an advertisement in a Korean-language newspaper, Monday, under the headline, “Korea University delivered the world’s leader!” ― even though Kim Yu-na hadn’t yet even attended a KU class. The claim has raised eyebrows over the perceived damage it could do to the university’s credibility as an academic institution.

[ snip ]

[Students’] outrage was followed by an apparent admission from her agent that Kim is still mulling over whether or not she will begin her studies immediately.

[ snip ]

Despite the KU claim, it is likely Kim will attend the University of Toronto because she spends most of her time training in Canada, and will complete her course work through a credit-sharing scheme between the Canadian school and KU.

Though the university denies it has given Kim special treatment, her agent said it “wasn’t easy” for the star to attend KU classes.

“Yu-na may attend the University of Toronto, which shares credits with us,” university spokesman Song In-sik told The Korea Times, April 1. “It is because she is practicing there for the Vancouver Olympics.”

Kim Young-jin, director of IB Sports, her agency, painted a picture of a busy schedule, suggesting the issue of her studies was not yet set in stone.

“It is not easy for her to attend Korea University because she has so much scheduled and she leaves for Canada around May 10,” he told The Korea Times, Thursday. “I heard that the University of Toronto is a sister university of Korea University. We think Kim will attend there during her practice in Canada.”


This could be very embarrassing for Korea University, as she has figured prominently in their new advertisements.

Personally, I think that it would make perfect sense for her to attend the University of Toronto. She lives and trains in Canada, and the above article says that U of T and KU have a credit-sharing arrangement. In Korea, she would be constantly mobbed and distracted from both her work and her training.


Sometimes I hate it when I’m right. On her first day at Korea University, she was mobbed. She couldn’t take a book out of the library without hordes of people clicking pictures of her. (sources one and two). What she was wearing has become the new fashion rage, (sources one and two) and there are even discussion boards, approximately ten, dedicated to trying to tear down this likable person. (source)

If she tries to attend university in Korea, she’s going to constantly be at the center of a zoo, which will not only distract her from her studies but also from her training for the Olympics. For the sake of her Olympic dream of winning a gold medal, I hope she goes to Canada.


  1. hmm I do disagree on her transferring school to Toronto. Search how she get into KU. I’ve never done whatsocalled “su neung” (its like a big huge exam, to get into any univ) but I heard you have to be prepared for atleast 3 years of highschool years to do the exam. Although from her skating she might’ve not gotten enough time to study, that can’t be a good reason she got into KU. (KU is hard to get in because of the high competitions.) Think of it, someone who really studied hard for three whole years to get into KU might not be accepted because yu-na took the place. Of course life isn’t fair for everyone bu people can aruge about what’s wrong and what’s right, right?

    Comment by lol — April 5, 2009 @ 6:02 am

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