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March 30, 2009

Professor Criticized for Sexist Remarks

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(from the Korea Times)

An honorary professor at the nation’s top university is facing rising anger from female students for his sexist statements.

They claim the comments were degrading to women ― and say they are more than mere misdemeanors because they involved school grades.

On an online bulletin board for Seoul National University students Sunday, an article about the man, who has been identified as an elderly professor Kim at the institution, was uploaded under the name of “The Man Who Keeps Talking About Women’s Figures.” The writer claimed that the professor made odd and offensive comments.

“All he says in the classroom are some stupid words such as, `women should get plastic surgery,’ and, `do some remodeling on your face.’ I feel mortified whenever I hear it,” the writer said.

[ snip ]

The institution said there is little it can do since he is an honorary professor who cannot be sacked. “We will be thinking of possible measures,” a school spokesman said.

However, the professor has denied that he has done anything wrong. He said he was simply trying to enlighten students and help them look beautiful and attractive. “I have been making such comments for more than 10 years and I find it very surprising that students are making it an issue right now,” he told the Yonhap News Agency.

In my mind, this guy is clearly a dinosaur who doesn’t realize that Korea has changed.

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