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March 29, 2009

North Korean women bought and sold in China for as low as $439

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Article One

Chinese human trafficking rings are selling North Korean women into marriage in China.

The rings receive details on age and other preferences from Chinese men, recruit women from all regions in the North, get the women across the border, and then sell them to Chinese men living in rural areas.

The Dong-A Ilbo has found that Chinese rings have engaged in the trafficking of North Korean women over the past decade. They are active in the northeastern provinces of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang and also in Hebei, Anhui and Jiangsu.

North Korean women have been recruited from the border cities of Musan, Hoeryong and Hyesan and also from inland areas.

Several crime rings are apparently dealing in the trafficking. This was confirmed by North Korean women living in a Chinese rural village who named several organizations.

Demand for North Korean brides is high from Han Chinese as well as ethnic minorities in China. One Chinese village even had more than 20 North Korean women.

The price of a North Korean wife is set at between 3,000 yuan (439 U.S. dollars) and 10,000 yuan (1,464 dollars).

Article Two

A Chinese man who currently lives with a North Korean woman said, “The organization that I contacted for a North Korean woman and the organization another village man contacted for the same purpose were different. So, it seems that there are a number of such organizations involving in the business.”

North Korean women who entered China were often lured by a human-trafficking broker who proposed a “lucrative job.” They were first gathered in the northeastern city Yanji, then were sent to the nearby city of Jilin before being transported to various Chinese cities where the “order” was placed, the newspaper said.

Article Three (a heartbreaking story)

`Where is Our Mother?`

“I’ve been told that my mom went to visit her hometown. Why hasn’t she come back?”

A five-year-old boy almost cried in an isolated rural area in the Chinese province of Hebei. “Ahn” did not know that his mother was arrested by around 10 Chinese police officers because she was a North Korean.

His elder brother looks frightened when he sees strangers since he still vividly remembered the day their mother was arrested.

When asked how much he missed his mother, Ahn’s brother burst into tears but did not answer the question.

Consolation from his father was not enough to soothe the crying boy. Their North Korean mother had been sold into marriage eight years ago but had lived a happy life in the Chinese rural village.

Their mother was returned to North Korea after her arrest.

Ahn’s father bought the then 21-year-old North Korean bride for 14,000 yuan (2,049 U.S. dollars), an amount nearly two times larger than his annual income. Several of Ahn`s father`s neighbors had married trafficked North Korean women before.

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