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March 26, 2009

Poll suggests gender bias isn’t serious; harassed woman probably disagrees

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Here’s a headline and snippet from an article from the Joongang Daily:

Less than 50% think gender bias is serious

The number of people who think gender discrimination in the Korean workplace is serious has fallen below the 50 percent mark for the first time, according to an annual Labor Ministry poll.

Half of the population are women, so if a large majority of women think it’s serious, and a large majority of men don’t, you could still end up with less than 50%.

However, 57.2 percent of women polled said they thought gender discrimination is serious; 59.7 percent of men said it was not.

There you go.

This woman would probably agree that gender equality still has some distance to go.

A 28-year-old female office worker who reported a case of sexual harassment apparently received further abuse at the police station where she made the report.

A man she met on a blind date on Feb. 20 tried to force his attentions on her and when she resisted his advances, he threatened her into kissing him and swore at her. She then visited Gangnam Police Station to file a complaint over his actions.

However, she encountered further offense there. Police officers who reviewed her complaint made her agree to a settlement; one allegedly even said, “blame your beauty,” according to the woman.

A woman goes to the police, and they blame the victim. But wait, it gets even “better.”

The police told her that they needed to crosscheck the claims because they didn’t believe she was forced to kiss the man. “The man liked you so he kissed you. You know, a woman doesn’t really believe a man likes her until he kisses her. Can’t you just take his action as normal men’s behavior?” a police officer allegedly asked her, she said.

So they didn’t believe her, then described the sexual harassment as “normal men’s behavior.”

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