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March 24, 2009

Korea narrowly loses World Baseball Classic to Japan

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In a nail-biting game, Japan defeated South Korea 5-to-3 in the final of the World Baseball Classic. You can read a summary of these Asian countries’ recent baseball history here, and an article in the New York Times (courtesy of the Marmot’s Hole) about why Korea has few players in Major League Baseball. Korea has come a long way since missionaries first introduced it to the game over a hundred years ago.


There has been talk that a signal to walk Ichiro Suzuki was missed.

Did a missed sign for an intentional walk to relief pitcher Lim Chang-yong (Yakult Swallows) cost Korea the World Baseball Classic final? Or was Lim overconfident?

After losing 5-3 to Japan in the World Baseball Classic final yesterday, Korea manager Kim In-shik said, “I sent catcher Kang Min-ho a sign to walk Ichiro Suzuki (in the 10th inning). But Lim didn’t follow the sign, which resulted in the defeat, though I didn’t ask Lim why yet.”

[ snip ]

Ichiro hit the ball for the game-winning two-run double.

After the game, Lim said, “I felt I could pitch to Ichiro, but I didn’t see the sign. My last pitch was a mistake.”

Kim blamed himself, saying, “If I had sent the intentional walk sign, we wouldn’t have lost the game. I regret not doing so.”


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  1. I wrote about this too.

    Comment by tokyo5 — March 24, 2009 @ 4:51 pm

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